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Tropical Forest and Coral Conservation Act

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You can help protect coral reefs and tropical forests -- two of

the most valuable and threatened ecosystems on the planet -- by urging

your members of Congress to cosponsor the Tropical Forest and Coral

Conservation Act:


After WWF supporters like you spoke out in huge numbers in support of

the bill during the last Congress, it passed the full House and a key

senate committee. But the measure needs to start its journey over

again now that a new Congress is in place. Our hope is that

the tremendous progress made in 2008 will help the bill move quickly

in 2009.

Help jumpstart the Tropical Forest and Coral Conservation Act by

showing your support for these beneficial habitats:


The bill would provide funding for debt-for-nature swaps that

contribute to the protection of forests and coral reefs in qualified

developing countries. Debt-for-nature swaps, which WWF helped pioneer

in the 1980s, involve purchasing foreign debt at a discount,

converting the debt into local currency, and using the proceeds to

finance local conservation activities. It's an innovative

technique that allows cash-strapped countries to protect globally

important natural resources.

An earlier version of the bill, aimed just at tropical forests, was

enacted in 1998 and has been tremendously successful. Tens of millions

of dollars have been channeled into these high biodiversity

landscapes, protecting millions of acres and countless tropical forest


WWF strongly supports expanding the legislation to include the

protection of coral reefs. Reefs host a wide variety of vital sea

species and are key to the health of the world's oceans, yet

they face some of the world's most pressing environmental

challenges -- from climate change to destructive fishing practices.

Tell your congressional delegation that protecting tropical forests

and coral reefs is important to you:


Please forward this message to others who are concerned about tropical

forests and coral reefs:


Thank you for your help.


Jessica McGlyn

Senior Program Officer, Terrestrial Policy

World Wildlife Fund

Washington, D.C.


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