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Gregg a ‘little too conservative’ for Obama

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Commerce nominee tells CNBC he didn't feel comfortable going forward

WASHINGTON - Republican Sen. Judd Gregg said Friday that he pulled out of the job of commerce secretary after realizing that "I'm just going to be a little too conservative" for President Barack Obama's administration. If you're going to be on a football team, "you've got to pull out and block on every play, you can't do it on every other play," the senator said.

"I didn't feel comfortable going forward because of my individuality, for lack of a better term," Gregg said during an appearance Friday morning on CNBC.

Gregg said he thinks Obama is on the right track in attempts to stabilize the shaky financial system and that the proposal of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner — much criticized as being too vague — is going to be an extremely strong initiative once it is filled out with details.

At the same time, Gregg said his conservative inclinations would show up in terms of fiscal spending.

Regarding the $790 billion economic stimulus plan, "I think there was a tactical error made ... in that you allowed the appropriators to write the package," said Gregg.

He said he thinks the stimulus plan "should be focusing mainly on trying to stabilize the real estate markets, and promoting small business and getting jobs."

On the other hand, Geithner's proposal has been misjudged, Gregg said.

"You are talking over a trillion dollars ... to clear off the books in the areas of consumer credit and commercial-backed real estate loans. That's big," Gregg said of Geithner's plan. "You are talking very strong initiatives in the area of foreclosure abatement. And you're talking a significant commitment to capital into the banks coming in either a direct infusion or through buying bad debt off their books."

Latest setback for Cabinet

Gregg's unexpected withdrawal marked the latest setback for Obama in his attempt to build a Cabinet. It came as the new president expended political capital in Washington — and around the country — for his economic package.

Now Obama also finds himself needing to fill two vacancies — at Commerce and at the Health and Human Services Department. Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination for that post amid a tax controversy. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was confirmed despite revelations that he had not paid some of his taxes on time.

yada yada

man wtf these ppl all realized that there would be actual accountability and work to do during this administration so they all RUN the fuck AWAY?! Where's the commitment to public service and civic duty there yo :weep:

Even Obama sama is joking why the hell did he take this job.

He wants to be fair, he wants to bring the parties together. It wont happen in 1 term these guys have been clawing at each other since Iraq war began. The repugs dominated for 8 years screwing this country into the dirt and now they dont want to be held accountable for anything they did nor do they want to take any responsibility now. its a slap in the face when Obama has made the huge effort to include repugs in his admin. No wonder the prez would rather be out talking to the ppl then in Washington. Fuck.

I say we can worry about getting back to real bi partisanship later. Now we fix the country. We don't have time for all these bullshitty setbacks. Strong leadership is a must; Obama sama needs to stop being Mr nice guy and just fucking do shit and get the job done. Look, the American people want the banks that robbed us taken to task, we want the former war criminal administration investigated and prosecuted where it warrents. We are sick and tired of the fat cats getting away with bloody blue murder while the majority of 300 million ppl and their families get dicked.

we want change we can believe in yo thats what we voted for :nah:


                                               Look at the flowers

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