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Pandas Threatened by Global Warming - Act Now!

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A joint study by researchers in China and the UK

found that rising temperatures will cause extinction

for some types of bamboo. This could doom populations

of Giant Pandas that rely on these plants for food.

Examples like this bring global warming into a whole

new light. Please act now >>


Pandas spend 14 hours a day eating, with bamboo

making up 99 percent of their diet. Of the more than

100 varieties of bamboo, pandas only eat about 20 of


Pandas are just one of the many species that are being

severely threatened by global warming. We need a

worldwide effort to reduce emissions.

Tell President-Elect Obama about the plight of pandas

and let him know your thoughts on global warming.


Thank you for being part of the solution.



Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


                                               Look at the flowers

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