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Wildlife Harmed by Toxic Spill in Tennessee - Take Action

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A coal ash waste dumping pond in Tennessee ruptured

this past December, unleashing toxic substances known

to cause cancer, birth defects and other health

problems in animals and humans.

Despite this horrendous accident and the ecological

threat posed by coal ash waste, the EPA is not doing

anything to regulate it!

Take action >>


As a result of the spill, 1 billion gallons of sludge

containing the heavy metals arsenic, lead, mercury and

selenium were leaked into the Emory River. What's more,

there are more than 1,300 dump sites similar to the one

that failed in Tennessee, putting innumerable areas in


It is the EPA's job to regulate chemicals and protect

human health by safeguarding the natural environment.

Urge the EPA to regulate coal ash waste that threatens

water supplies and human health >>


Coal ash waste isn't just detrimental to people. It is

also responsible for diminishing populations of birds

and frogs near dumping areas. The remaining animals are

at risk of developmental problems, like tadpoles

without teeth and fish with deformed spines.

Thank you for speaking up on behalf of ecosystems that

lay in the shadow of unregulated coal plants!


Robyn E.

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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