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End the Practice of Shark Finning for Good!

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Sharks are important to the health of the oceans, yet

humans kill more than 100 million sharks each year. And

it's already having dire impacts on the rest of the


The removal of sharks from the ecosystem affects

the species below them on the food chain in

unpredictable ways, even altering coral reefs and sea

grass beds.

Take action >>


That's why it's so important for Congress to pass the

Shark Conservation Act, which would protect these

important creatures and the entire ocean ecosystem.

Congresswoman Bordallo introduced the Shark

Conservation Act (H.R. 81) to help preserve the world's

sharks. This bill would require that sharks be landed

whole with the fins still attached to the bodies.

Urge your representative to help ensure fast passage

of this important piece of legislation for the health

of our world's oceans >>


If enacted, this bill will make it easier to enforce

the shark finning ban and allow for better data

collection for use in stock assessments and quota

monitoring, since it will be easier to identify


Thank you for taking action on behalf of sharks today!

For the oceans,

Robyn E.

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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