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Demand Ethics in the Credit Industry

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Taxpayers are paying for the $700 billion dollar Wall

Street bailout -- with little to no oversight of the

credit industry as they spend our money. Yet Americans

are still struggling to access credit and make ends

meet. So, what kind of credit assurance do we have now?

Unfair consumer practices played a significant role

in the lending crisis; don't let it happen again!

Stop credit card companies from taking advantage of

devastated consumers:


The House has already passed a strong credit card

reform bill, but the Senate has failed to act. The

proposed bill would force credit card companies to

act ethically, enforcing regulations that would stop

them from hiking interest rates on your existing

balances, give you time between the bill and the due

date so you can always pay on time, and more.

Please support reform that will stop unfair corporate

practices and help protect Americans from a financial

meltdown. Tell your Senators to stand up for your

rights and pass the Credit Card Act today!


Thanks for taking action!


Care2 Campaign Team

P.S. - We need the U.S. Senate to stop unfair corporate

practices and to protect ordinary Americans from a

financial meltdown. Please take a moment today and help

us get this lame-duck session of Congress to enact

meaningful reform of the credit industry!



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