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10 Days Left to Stop the Bush/Cheney Assault on Greater Yellowstone Wolves

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Dear Friend,

It's outrageous!

The Bush/Cheney Administration is moving helter-skelter in its final

days to ram through one last attack on our wolves a proposal that

could lead to the slaughter of as many as 1,000 wolves in Greater

Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies.

Stop the Bush/Cheney assault on wolves. Speak out against eliminating

vital protection for wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern



Despite a federal court ruling against essentially the same proposal

earlier this year, the Bush/Cheney Administration is once again

attempting to eliminate safeguards for some of America's most

iconic and important wolves.

The goal: To green-light plans that could lead to the slaughter of as

many as two-thirds of the Greater Yellowstone and Northern Rockies

wolf population.

Help stop the killing before it starts. Urge federal officials to come

up with a responsible management plan that ensures a lasting future

for these majestic animals.


Already, more than 51,000 caring people have spoken out for our

wolves. But the public comment period on this awful proposal ends next

Friday, and we only have 10 days left to provide a voice for our

wolves. If we're going to save our wolves, we need at least

another 25,000 caring people like you to lend your voice to the fight.

Click here to submit your comment to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Service now and speak out for our wolves.


The Bush/Cheney Administration is running out of time. With your help,

we can stop their plan and protect wolves for future generations.

For the Wild Ones,

Rodger Schlickeisen


Defenders of Wildlife


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