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Will Contraceptives Disappear From Pharmacy Shelves for Good?

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Hi Michelle,

Most of us take for granted the ability to find

standard contraceptives in our local pharmacies.

However, more and more people are losing this ability

due to the emergence of "pro-life" pharmacies across

the nation.

Stop "pro-life" pharmacies before they sweep the

nation >>


It's hard to believe, but these drugstores refuse to

stock birth control pills, the morning-after pill and

even condoms. Pharmacies in entire regions could follow suit,

leaving patrons with no place to buy contraceptives for


A full 98 percent of women of reproductive age who

have had intercourse have used a contraceptive. How can

pharmacies ignore the reproductive health needs of

virtually all of their female patrons?

One of these "pro-life" drugstores, DMC Pharmacy, is

about to open in Virginia. If the Virginia Board of

Pharmacy requires DMC to stock contraceptives, other

pharmacy boards may follow its lead.

Nip this national health care problem in the bud: Tell

the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to require pharmacies in

its state to keep contraceptives on their shelves >>


Thank you,


Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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