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Send Karl Rove To Jail

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Dear Reader,

In 2004, plans were put into motion to crack down on voter registration drives in poor and minority communities, suppressing votes and stripping citizens of a constitutional right. Evidence points to Karl Rove as the mastermind behind this plan and it's time he was held accountable. Join the Secretary of State Project and thousands of Americans in urging the House to take a stand against Rove today.


Don Hazen

Executive Editor, AlterNet.org


Karl Rove has gone too far. It's time to make him pay.

The GOP's master trickster has his fingerprints all over a dirty scheme to suppress our votes. It's exactly the kind of scheme that the Secretary of State Project was formed to fight. And right now, we have a unique chance to hold Rove accountable for his acts.


For those not following Rove's story, here's a bit of background. In 2004, Justice Department lawyers started getting strange instructions from Washington -- crack down on voter registration drives. But not all registration drives, mind you; just ones that registered poor and minority voters. The idea was to harass progressive organizations and keep poor and minority citizens from getting to the polls.

Many Justice Department lawyers, Republicans and Democrats alike, balked at these unscrupulous orders. They (rightly) refused to carry out a partisan witch hunt. And wouldn't you know it, Washington started cracking down on THEM -- firing a host of them and passing up others for promotion, in what came to be known as the U.S. Attorneys Scandal.

But who gave the vote-suppression orders in the first place? All signs point to Karl Rove. A long trail of evidence indicates that Rove cooked up and executed the whole scheme. To uncover the truth, the House of Representatives has launched an investigation. They sent Rove a subpoena. He ignored it. Repeatedly.

Now, the House is considering a measure to hold Rove in contempt of Congress. Last Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee voted, 20-14, to hold Rove in contempt. The vote now goes to the full House. If found guilty, he could go to jail. No, it's not enough punishment for his years and years of crimes, but it's a huge start.


Join hundreds of thousands of Americans urging the House to take a stand against Rove and his dirty tricks.

By holding Rove in contempt, we'll send a loud and clear signal to all Bush's cronies -- America's elections must be free and fair. Voter suppression will not be tolerated.

After you sign the petition, consider making a contribution to the Secretary of State Project and our candidates. Support from donors like you helped us raise $500,000 in 2006 and win 5 of our 7 elections. Help us continue building the movement against voter suppression, stolen elections and dirty tricksters like Karl Rove.


Becky Bond

Secretary of State Project


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