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Sign Stephen Johnson's Termination Notice

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EPA Leader Damaging Hope for the Future

Sign Stephen Johnson's Termination Notice:


The time has come to demand accountability from this administration and fire the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Stephen Johnson.

Global warming is now the most pressing threat to our health, environment, economy, and even national security. Emissions must be reduced now.

But Administrator Johnson has done nothing as head of the Environmental Protection Agency except block progress on global warming. Under his "leadership" the EPA has:

1) Ignored its own scientists and buried their reports on the effects of global warming;

2) Refused to obey a Supreme Court ruling demanding action on greenhouse emissions under the Clean Air Act; and

3) Lied to Congress about the political interference that led to the refusal to regulate.

Administrator Johnson is doing everything he can to prevent the EPA from actually protecting public health and the environment. Even worse, as the Bush administration draws to a close, Johnson will be looking to push through 11th hour changes with devastating effects.

Join the Center for Biological Diversity and members of Congress in calling for the removal of Administrator Johnson.

Sign his pink slip and we'll deliver it to Administrator Johnson and send a copy to your representatives in Congress:


We need the EPA to lead our nation, pushing for cleaner air regulations and cutting down carbon emissions. Each day that Johnson remains in office puts the environment in more danger. He has to go.

Tell Administrator Johnson his time is up.

Thank you.

Kieran Suckling

Executive Director

Center for Biological Diversity


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