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Action deadline: immediately

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Dear chelle,

A quick action on your part could have lasting positive effects for

tropical forests and coral reefs -- two of the most valuable and

threatened ecosystems on the planet.

A bill to protect these special habitats may come up for a vote within

the next day or two as part of a package of legislation that some

senators are opposing. We need to show an outpouring of support for

the tropical forest and coral reef conservation bill in order to

ensure that it remains in the package and that the package passes.

Urge your senators to pass the Tropical Forest and Coral Conservation



The Tropical Forest and Coral Conservation Act would provide funding

for debt-for-nature swaps which contribute to the protection of

forests and coral reefs in qualified developing countries.

Debt-for-nature swaps, which WWF helped pioneer in the 1980s, involve

purchasing foreign debt at a discount, converting the debt into local

currency, and using the proceeds to finance local conservation

activities. It's an innovative technique that allows

cash-strapped countries to protect globally important natural


An earlier version of the bill, which did not include coral reef

conservation, was enacted in 1998 and has been tremendously

successful. Tens of millions of dollars have been channeled into

tropical forest conservation, protecting millions of acres and

countless tropical forest species.

WWF strongly supports expanding the legislation to include the

protection of coral reefs. Reefs host a variety of vital sea species

and are key to the health of the world's oceans, yet they face

some of the world's most pressing environmental challenges --

from climate change to destructive fishing practices.

Tell your senators that protecting tropical forests and coral reefs is

important to you:


Please forward this message to others who are concerned about tropical

forests and coral reefs:


Thank you for your help.


Jessica McGlyn

Senior Program Officer, Terrestrial Policy

World Wildlife Fund

Washington, D.C.


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