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Dead zone in gulf could be largest on record

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NEW ORLEANS - Researchers predict a "dead zone" of oxygen-depleted waters off the Louisiana and Texas coasts could grow this summer to 10,084 square miles — making it the largest such expanse on record.If the preliminary forecast holds, the researchers say, the size of the so-called "dead zone" would be 17-21 percent larger than at anytime since the mapping began in 1985 — and about as large as the state of Massachusetts. Another forecast is planned next month.


Excess nutrients can spur the growth of algae, and when the algae die, their decay consumes oxygen faster than it can be brought down from the surface. As a result, fish, shrimp and crabs can suffocate, threatening the region's commercial fishing industry.

"Tropical storms and hurricanes have the potential of disrupting the physical structure of the water column and aerating the bottom layer," the forecasters noted. "If no strong storms appear, then this year’s dead zone is predicted to be 17-21 percent larger than previously measured, and to stretch into Texas continental shelf waters."

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