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Make Clean Wind Power Happen

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The winds of change are blowing through the United States,

starting in Massachusetts. For too long, acid rain has showered

our shores and beaches, and residents of the Cape and Islands

have inhaled toxic air from dirty power plants.

Now is the time for that to change. Take action today to support


and safe wind power on the Cape!

Cape Wind is a project proposed off the shores of Massachusetts

that would provide safe clean electricity for residents of

Massachusetts without producing the greenhouse gases that cause

global warming. Building Cape Wind rather than a polluting power

plant will create local jobs, and be the equivalent of taking

175,000 cars off the road or saving 113 million gallons of oil.

Right now, the Minerals Management Service is accepting public

comments on the draft environmental impact plan for the Cape

Wind project. We need to let them know that Cape Wind is exactly

the type of renewable energy investment America needs to move

forward to protect our environment.

Take action now at http://ga3.org/campaign/Cape_Wind/ and tell

the Minerals Management Service to approve the Cape Wind


Offshore wind offers an immediate, clean, safe and effective

answer to both global warming and energy security.

Cape Wind will provide 75% of Cape Cod's energy needs from a

clean cost-effective source, and provide local jobs. Over 70% of

Massachusetts' residents support Cape Wind and it is time for

all of us to join in their support of this important clean

energy project.

Global warming poses significant risks for the Cape and Islands.

From more frequent and severe red tides to rising sea levels and

more intense storms, a warming planet is a big problem for the

same beach front homeowners who oppose Cape Wind. The

environment that is critical to the way of life in Cape Cod is

in jeopardy, and projects like Cape Wind are the solution.

Visit http://ga3.org/campaign/Cape_Wind/ to take action and tell

the Minerals Management Service to approve the Cape Wind


Thank you for your support!


Mike Town

Campaign Director, SaveOurEnvironment.org



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