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Three Girls Chapter 6

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Three Girls and a Communist

Chapter 6

The city of Moncton... is having a nice quiet Saturday morning. Children all over town are awake already. They’re watching cartoons, playing games, and doing other things that kids do on Saturday mornings.

Not every child is running around carefree however. Three particular little girls are still slumbering. They’re recuperating from the past nights events.

Slowly one of them stirred. It was Bubbles. She awoke with a yawn. She rubbed her blonde hair still hazy. She stretched her arms out and crawled out of bed.

This woke up her sisters and brought out a slew of groans from Buttercup. "Bubbles? Why are you up so early?" she asked still mostly asleep. She made no effort to get up.

Bubbles blinked and looked at the clock. "It’s past ten o’clock, Buttercup," she answered.

Blossom yawed and stretched as well. She got out of bed and pulled the covers off of her sister, Buttercup. "Come on Buttercup," she said with her usual authority. "We’ve got work to do today."

Reluctantly, Buttercup drug herself out of bed. She floated over to the dresser and grabbed some clothes for the day.

Downstairs, the Professor had prepared breakfast for his little angels. He was just about to go wake them up when Bubbles flew in and sat at her usual chair. "Oh good morning honey," he said with a smile. "Where are your sisters?"

"They’re coming," she answered. She took a bite of her eggs.

Blossom was next to come down. "Good morning, Professor," she greeted.

Finally Buttercup joined the rest of the family. She sat down and began eating without saying anything.

"Good morning, Buttercup," Blossom said with a snicker. Bubbles quickly joined in on the giggling.

"What’s so funny?" she asked, a little puzzled. Neither Blossom nor Bubbles answered.

"Good morning, Buttercup," said the Professor. "Trying a new look?"

Buttercup looked down. In her half slumbering state she had grabbed one of Bubbles blue dresses instead of her usual green one. Embarrassed, she hurried upstairs to change.

* * *

Later that afternoon the girls made their way to the city library. It was time to find out who this mystery man was.

"So what are we doing here?" asked Buttercup.

"Remember when the mystery man told us he was the resident super hero?" Blossom answered.


"Well I figure old newspaper articles should at the very least be able to give us a name," explained Blossom.

The girls entered the library. They made their way to the old news archives. They began to search the old papers. They quickly found the answer they were looking for. Their mystery man was known as ‘The Communist’. The girls spent the rest of the afternoon doing research on this new foe.

Hours past. The girls had found out a lot of things. Before coming to Moncton, The Communist was a member of the Justice League. He chose to leave the Justice League for undisclosed reasons. Before that he was one of the original six members of the Teen Titans in Jump City. While he doesn’t have any powers he has been known to use some strange techniques in the past. Some of which are the ability to walk up sheer vertical surfaces, the ability to walk on water, and unnatural hand to hand fighting abilities. When interviewed about these techniques he answered that he achieved such abilities through vigorous training.

"I don’t get it," stated Blossom. "This guy doesn’t seem like your usual villain. I mean listen to this: ‘While not known for being the perfect role model, the Communist is truly one of the world’s greatest heroes. He stops at nothing to bring about justice and protection to the people and goes to dark places that other heroes dare no tread.’ This guy just does not sound like a villain to me."

"Well he is a communist," replied Buttercup. "Communists are always bad guys in comics."

"I like comics about animals!" added Bubbles with a smile. This was met with odd glances from the other two powerpuff girls.

"Anyways... I don’t think it works like that in real life Buttercup," Blossom corrected. "I mean why would he take to us being super heroes so badly?"

"Maybe he’s just jealous that we came and started saving the day and getting all the attention and then got sad just like we got sad when Major Man came to Townsville," explained Bubbles.

"Bubbles, every time I think you’ve said the dumbest thing possible you keep talking," replied Buttercup harshly. "Major Man was causing the disasters he stopped. He attacked us because he’s a communist and communists are bad guys."

"No. Bubbles is right," Blossom interrupted. "You were ready to pound Major Man when he first showed up... we all were."


"So maybe if we talk to him and apologize to him that he’ll agree to share the responsibility of protecting the city with us. Who knows, he might even train us. I mean how cool would it be to work with a real Justice Leaguer! Come on girls, lest go!"


The girls left the library and headed back home. It was already dark out. In a dark alleyway a shadowy figure of a different sort watched the girls fly by.

"That’s it girls, fly away," began a familiar voice. "Fly away and be safe for soon you shall be defeated, beaten and furthermore destroyed by my most cunning of cunning plans! Enjoy what little time you have for when I set my plan into motion you will no longer be enjoying anything! MUWAHAHAHAHAAAA..... Now come along boys, we have much work to do." The figure is joined by three more shadows before disappearing into the night.

Life tastes like kittens. I like kittens!

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