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Hellsing's Girlycard??

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Ok, so I ran across this tid bit of info...and got into a discussion about this.

For those of you who have read the manga of Hellsing, you will see that Alucard takes the form of a girl (this is the Link I found below to info on the manga) in this part of the series..My question is: Can Alucard really change genders or just how he appears?O_O



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he can change in to quite abit of things, like, those big pools of teeth, eyes, and dog heads, can't be much of a gender change >_> so i would think he can just do what ever he wants. if he changed his gender, that would be more, then his whole appreance. but either way, he ends up being just about anything.

but, they haven't answerd wether or not, he's the one who changed him self in to Girlycard, or not.

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