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it started humbly in the 80's n look at what vids we have now:p

The '80's take on street gangs and turf war. Thank god their knife fight was interrupted by such a cool red leather jacket. Beat It

International culture and body paint. What more could you ask for? Hungry like the Wolf

Yes, we do wanna have fun damnit. This vid has some of the best hair of the "80's and a wrestling manager. Girls just wanna have Fun

Of course MTV also gave us role models Somkin in the Boys Room

Paula went for black and white and the dog pound went crazy Straight Up

I want to be an anarchy cheerleader when I grow up Smells Like Teen Spirit

Everybody loves the Bee girl! No Rain

Tin foil pants Give It Away

In the future we will all wear vinal pants and watch anime Scream

You are yer own best friend :)


                                               Look at the flowers

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