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What if Atlantis could fly?

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I like how SG1 turned to the whole galatic struggle concept.. by pitting the Goa'ulds in a struggle of system lords.. and now in the latest season they have the Ori vs. pretty much everyone. Theres more spaceship battles and they emphasize the use of spaceships and the gates and the importance and uses of each.

But they aren't doing anything like that in atlantis. Everything is pretty much, Wraith this, Wraith that.. and "oh no, a hive ship is coming." Now some of the wraith are starting to attack each other, some power struggles between themselves.. but I don't see were this is going in relation to Atlantis. I honestly wish they would find another zpm and get atlantis off that crappy planet and go exploring. If all the wraith find out again that atlantis is still intact, they'll go after it.. but that won't happen if atlantis isn't a sitting duck on some misc. planet. I think if they got atlantis moving like how the Asurans flew their own copy of it, I could see the story line progressing more interesting.

As far as I see it, almost every planet with a stargate in that part of the universe is nothing but culling ground for wraith. If the atlantis crew wants to have a better chance at finding other advanced species or possible allies, they have to travel to planets without gates on them.

What do you think?


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