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Favorite moment in ff-10

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Yea normally i wouldent do 10 but oh well here it goes...

My favorite moment/cut scene is where tidus and yuna are in the spring under the tree and they swim around with all the perty graphics and stuff then they kiss.... yup :happy:

Goutmister:The world is such a cold place... how am i supposed to live on my own and become someone?

Neo: You have already become someone... someone with a heart colder than any one who you come across...just live your fullest and hate only those who oppose you..love who you can.

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My favorite scene was the ending because even though it was heartbreaking it was still a good love scene between Tidus and Yuna.

Don't expect too much. I change my mind a lot.

Don't keep making me repeat myself! It's not good for my health!

-Duo Maxwell

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