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Myk JL

Microsoft Edge erased my passwords.

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IDK WTF is going on, but today when I tried using my passwords saved to Edge, they were all deleted.

I tried Reset Settings, but that made things worse as it logged me out of a bunch of websites that I don't remember passwords to.

I tried calling Microsoft for help, but they wouldn't give me a real person to help me.

I could've saved my passwords to Firefox but erased that last year from my PC as I kept getting weird error messages & never made an account with them.

I even tried re-adding the few I remember & I get this message that says...

Saved Passwords Will Be Deleted On Browser Closure

I'm just going insane as I solely relied on Microsoft Edge & they won't help me get my passwords back.


I finally solved my problem after creating a bunch of other problems.

Still the fact that Microsoft changed my setting in Privacy, search, and services / Clear browsing data on close means Microsoft erased all my passwords.

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