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Stupidest fight

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Okay, so on the scale of things what is the stupidest fight/stupid serious fight you've had with your significant other.

currently my husband is 1/2 way across the country for work and took a dog with him, but we're fighting about breeding the dog he left here with me. 

He says yay puppies!!
I say get the damn scissors and fix this bitch!

the whole thing is so seriously stupid. Now he's angry at me and did the "just go get the damn dog fixed I'm done" text.

There has to be something sillier out there....

(p.s. this is the reader's digest version)

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The basis of that fight doesn't sound so stupid to me tho. I agree with you about getting the dog fixed. Breeding a dog and taking care of a litter of puppies is alot of work and costly vet bills prior to selling the puppies.


The stupidest argument I've had with lady is probably about not wanting to get a small breed dog. I was adamant about not getting a small dog.. but in the end we got a pomeranian. And I love little Chu. :happy:


Check out this comic, I love the stupid relationship arguments in it:






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