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League Of Legends

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Anyone play this


I started recently and found it awesome


Very competitive, free to play, you can buy other characters with real money or use points gained from matches, also every week they rotate 10 champs you can use for free, champs are priced based on how new they are, not how good they are, cheapest/oldest champions are generally very strong, and recommended for new players as there easy to pick up and more strait forward in what they do

Each champ has pro's and con's. there strong against some and easily countered 


matches are 3v3 5v5, you can play against AI, (dont use intermediate, they are better then most real players) 

You level up as a player and at max (30) you can compete in leagues with ranked matches, 1-29 is a fun learning exp. im 22 at the moment, I have gotten good with champions but now am learning different play styles


It is easy to pick up and the hardest part is finding a role / champ you feel natural in



the game is nortorius for raging, but this is more at higher levels un ranked., 

if you say your new, or trying a new champion, most are friendly


also your matched against ppl your own level, so dont expect to be steam rolled by a pro


Bruce Campbell: '' This place has more security then the Batcave ''

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