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Anime video games and Cathrine

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I just finished playing Cathrine yesterday with my boyfriend...dealing with a horrible headache but he helped me through the puzzle....

say if the highest stars is a 5....I probably give this game a 3.5...only because I'm not a puzzle type but I love the originality and I love the anime of course.

Now I have to finish getting the trophies but really I'm not into getting every single detail..... But I made sure I got the good ending...but now I know theres 8 endings total and there's one true ending out of all of them but I will not say.....but I was tempted to buy the deluxe but not anymore only bc I just want the pillow and that's it...so my boyfriend told me not to waste my extra dollars just to get the pillow lol


now to go on to my Chrono cross game then legend of mana...I love classics...thats the main reason why I got a ps3 is to buy all classics and play them....

I love anime rpg...still have to finish final fantasy tactics...:cape: I'm still on a quest to buy every single original game"(disc)"


But Has anyone played LUNAR?? and is it good....I know I played infinite undiscovery and right now i'm at the end and have to level up to finish it even though I know the ending.....anyways that brings me to ask everyone....


Whats your list of top anime video games to play and why???

And whats your top RPG anime list to play ? And why?

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