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Credit card knife

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    • By Sledgstone
      I'm not really a knife guy, so I don't know much about how to properly sharpen a knife aside from using the honing steel that came with my knife block. Over the last year I've been annoyed as all hell with my knives not keeping an edge worth a damn. They're all dull as hell but instead of buying another set of knives I decided to buy a knife sharpener. I bought this and got in the mail today from amazon:

      I only have a cheap $60 set of knives to sharpen that I originally bought from walmart over 8 years ago. This thing does the job. I watched some videos about sharpening with it and that carbide part shreds metal off my blades at a surprising rate. From the 3 blades I've sharpened so far, they were so dull that they needed to be passed through that carbide part at least 10 times with moderate pressure. Now my steak knives can actually cut through a steak again. lol. But after seeing how much metal comes flying off these blades I was thinking about getting a whetstone for next time. Does anyone have experience with using knife sharpeners? Any recommendations for whetstones? The ceramic part on this sharpener is no where near as aggressive as the carbide part, but I have a couple decent paring knives that I'd rather never use on this because of how small they are and I want to keep all the metal on them.
    • By Sledgstone
      For men:
      In what pocket of your jeans do you carry your wallet? Front, back? Do you sit on it and is it uncomfortable? And is your wallet fat, filled with misc. cards, money or pictures, or is it slim and unnoticeable in your pants?
      For women:
      Do you have a wallet in your purse that contains your cash? Do you even use a purse? Or do you have cash and misc. cards in purse compartments?
      I have a monstrously bulging wallet filled with bank and credit cards, coupons, cash, pictures, etc. Its so big there is no way I could possibly sit on it, thus I keep it in the front right of my jeans.
    • By Sledgstone
      Holy shit! As if just getting stabbed wasn't bad enough.
      If they had this knife in the movie "The Edge" killing that bear would have only been a 3 minute scene instead of half the movie.
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