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Top 5 Problems with the Tax Deal

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Problem #1: The deal is a stealth attack on Social Security.

The deal will lower the payroll tax—the tax that funds the Social Security trust. This is a trap for Democrats. Republicans have been coming after Social Security for years and this cut is the biggest threat to the vital program in decades. It will cut one-third of Social Security's funding this year alone and when we need to restore the payroll tax back to its current level, Republicans will cry "tax increases" and could gut it permanently.

ATM Social Security is not lacking funds as our generations are working enough to support those collecting now. What we need to do is create a surplus because the days of having 6 kids to work on the farm were pretty much over by the time gen X came along and we've procreated a whole lot less. That means less ppl paying into what we will be taking out of.

This is a bad idea and should be given heave ho and yes its a double trap; it fucks the candidates when this bad piece of legislation expires and then ppl's taxes go up again and its screwing over upcoming retirees.

Problem #2: For nearly one in three workers, it's a tax increase.

Nearly 50 million working Americans—including all workers making less than $20,000 per year—and millions of federal, state, and municipal workers will see their taxes go up because of the deal.

In the midst of a shit economy taking more money from working people is just stupid.
Problem #3: The deal has not one but TWO millionaire bailouts.

In addition to extending all the Bush income tax breaks for the top 2%, the deal will slash the estate tax. If Congress did nothing, next year the estate tax would be 55% and apply to everyone inheriting $1 million or more. But the deal reduces it to 35% and only people who inherit more than $5 million will have to pay. This second bailout will give a gigantic tax giveaway to a few thousand of the richest families in the country and add hundreds of billions to the national debt.

first of all change 250 thousand middle class cut off point to $1 million. Nobody raking in a million bucks a year is middle class. Raising the cap from 250 to 1mil gives those contemplating opening or expanding business some breathing room. Might be enough to stimulate job creation. End the tax cuts for those making a million plus, they did not create the jobs we so desperately need -esp in the past 2 years- in the almost decade they've had extra millions (and in some cases billions) to spend so fuck them.

As far as the estate tax, tax that shit. These fuckers did nothing but be born or married into a rich family. They do not earn their fortunes by merit and its this kind of scum running and ruining the country presently. People who don't have to work for what they have don't appreciate it the way someone who toiled and saved does.

Problem #4:Unemployment help is insufficient and inadequate. While the deal extends unemployment benefits for another 13 months for people currently receiving it, millions of unemployed workers who've struggled the most and been out of work more than 99 weeks—since the giant Wall Street banks wrecked the economy—will get no help at all under the deal. It's a gamble that there will be jobs in the next 13 months when the insurance runs out, but the tax cuts will go well beyond that. Better to just pass a stand-alone unemployment extension to help all struggling Americans.

The extension will continue the 99 weeks of eligibility for another year, but it doesn't extend benefits to those who have reached that limit. So, if you were middle class when you became unemployed some time ago... well, embrace the poverty cuz that's your new home after the bank takes your house because you can't pay your mortgage anymore even though you've got 15 of those 30 years paid.
Problem #5: Tax giveaways to the rich are a terrible way to create jobs. Tax breaks for the rich are the least efficient way to create jobs and help the economy grow. In fact the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says extending all tax cuts would lower unemployment only 0.1% to 0.3% over the next year and that the cost of the tax deal would be $900 billion over the next five years.

They've had years to do something and haven't period. Isn't it bad enough we're leaving the kiddies a trashed planet, we gotta give them the debt of millionaires and billionaires too? Thats a gigantic load of horse shit.

Let the tax cuts expire for anyone making over a million a year.

This bill needs to more then just fail, it should be shat upon and burned publicly.

Ya wanna boo hoo about govt spending? Well...our money is being blown on asinine wars that cannot be won. There is no winning in Afg, no real way to win a 'war on terror' so long as there are fanatics -which will be always- and the 'war on drugs' is a bowl of fail. Prohibition doesn't work and imprisons way too many non violent "criminals".

This garbage is funded by our tax dollars and our children's' future, its costing us living human beings.

If our military was protecting our borders we wouldn't need to be in other fucking countries. We don't need hundreds of military bases all over the world. We are not the Roman Empire and never will be.

Religion needs to stop getting a free pass. They pay no taxes and 'my god is better then yours' is a root cause of terrorism so says this infidel. It's time to tax the hell out of religion, these multi-million dollar centers popping up everywhere is ridiculous. If a congregation needs all that then they can pay the property tax on their excess.

It's time to approach substance use and abuse like grown ups, not 7th graders in the DARE program at school. Tax and regulate consumable marijuana, let hemp become the all purpose textile it was when this country was founded. Bullying people is not an effective way to deal with substance abuse, we need to find out why these people do this to themselves (usually its a result of neglectful/abusive parents) and help them move beyond it so they can lead productive lives.

We need to stop throwing money at failed programs and use it to better the lives of our citizenry so that everyone has the same chance at a productive and prosperous life. That is the American dream and I feel as if it has been forgotten. No, thats not right, its been thrown under the bus. Families take care of their own, so do communities and so should our country. We're all Americans together.

*end bitch fest*:nah:


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