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US signs historic deal for solar panel plants

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Two massive solar energy plants have been approved for development in California - the first of their kind to be built on public land in the country

Both projects received the green light from the Department of the Interior - the government branch responsible for managing the US' vast natural resources - last week, in a move that US authorities are labelling both 'historic' and 'momentous'.

Endorsing the projects, Ken Salazar, the US secretary of the interior, said the two schemes were just the first of a series of green energy initiatives planned for public lands, currently being reviewed by his department.

Collectively the two projects, built on remediated brownfield sites, are expected to create 1,000 new jobs and generate up to 754 megawatts of renewable energy - enough to power over half a million American homes.

"These projects are milestones in our focused effort to rapidly and responsibly capture renewable energy resources on public lands," Mr Salazar said.

"[They] advance the President's agenda for stimulating investment in cutting-edge technology, creating jobs for American workers, and promoting clean energy for American homes, businesses and industry."



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