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this is the shit Citizens United has caused like I mutherfuckin knew it would

Sign the petition

Dear MoveOn member,

An explosive new report just came out and it shows that foreign

corporations are funding some of the $75 million the U.S. Chamber of

Commerce is spending to defeat Democrats this election cycle.1

Funneling money from foreign interests into American elections is a

federal crime. And if we're going to have faith in our elections, we need

to know that they weren't bought by foreign corporations.

But most electoral investigations take a long time, which could leave the

election of 2010 under a cloud for years. So we've filed a formal request

to the Department of Justice to investigate, but we need to show broad

public support for immediate action to stop the Chamber from using money

that represents foreigners' interests to influence American elections.

Click here to sign a petition asking for an immediate investigation to

examine relevant records and stop the flow of illegal funds into American



The petition says: "American elections should not be for sale to foreign

companies. The Department of Justice must launch an immediate

investigation into the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's use of money from

foreign corporations to influence our elections."

The Chamber claims that it has internal systems to keep the money

separate, but the report shows that the foreign corporations donate

directly to the Chamber's general fund, which is where the funding for

their political attacks comes from. This would represent a shocking

disregard for longstanding American campaign finance laws, all to advance

a corporate, right-wing agenda of outsourcing jobs and giving huge tax

breaks to multi-national corporations.2

According to the report the Chamber is allegedly raising money from firms

in "China, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Russia, and many other

places." Even Russian banks and state-owned oil companies in Abu Dhabi may

have contributed.

The Chamber is spending more than any other group to back right-wing

Republicans and attack progressives in the election. We've filed a formal

complaint to the Department of Justice, but we need them to move

immediately, or it'll soon be too late.

Please, click here to add your name to the petition:


Thanks for all you do.

--Justin, Robin, Nita, Lenore, and the rest of the team

pass this shit around too


                                               Look at the flowers

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us other 98% that don't make over $250,000 a year have enough trouble having our voices heard and our will expressed in congress w/o the rich assholes of the world fucking us over too


                                               Look at the flowers

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