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Nightmare On Elm Street

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I was surprised to not see very many people at the 7 pm showing opening weekend. I picked the movie this time around and I have to say I didnt expect it it to be as good as the first HOWEVER I did jump quite a few times and I usually don't jump in horror movies. I still think the original was the best and way more scary. I didn't like freddy's new face. the original was a little more gross. The one scene that did disapoint me was the scene where the girl is attacked in her sleep while her boyfriend is laying next to her. In the original the girl is slashed several times and tossed around the room leaving blood everywhere. In the new one the girl is tossed around and slashed once and that was it. It wasnt as brutal as the original. Why do I care? This scene in particular scared me the most when I saw the original nightmare on elm street. So overall I give the movie a ok review. I would wait to see it on Dvd.


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