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Found 101 results

  1. After ramming this thing into at least 20 people and never getting a kill with it, I finally got a couple kills with it tonight. The SUAV after the patch is nothing like in the other videos I've seen prior to it being patched. The only way I was able to get a kill with it was to go directly for the head shot of a prone enemy. After doing it twice in the same round, I will only attack prone enemies with the SUAV now.
  2. Killing a sniper with an EOD Bot is easy, since they are immune to claymores.
  3. This little bot is great for killing infantry.
  4. It took me over 8 minutes to get this bomber delivery ribbon. I wasn't playing this round as a good squad mate either. I went directly for the bomber, switching to whichever squad was closest to the bomber door at every opportunity. This is actually the very first bomber delivery ribbon I got, but I couldn't get the video to upload correctly from my PS4 until now. Its pretty obvious I didn't know what I was doing with the bomber in this video and I lucked out with an assist counts as kill in the end. Check my other bomber videos to see better kills. The main thing with the bomber is to target stationary vehicles and infantry.
  5. I love getting kills with the EOD Bot, especially when its a high value target.
  6. I'm really starting to like the 14x variable scope.
  7. I was trying to destroy a mortar and was surprised to see the player come back to pick it up. Its apparently easier to get a head shot against infantry than it is to destroy a mortar from some distance.
  8. One of my best long distance head shots in the game so far. One shot and I even got promoted.
  9. On Operation Locker, everyone just stands around shooting through major corridors and dropping resupply kits and health packs. Those resupply kits are very useful for EOD Bot attacks. Watch this video as I send a constant stream of bots into the enemy territory.
  10. The best way to ambush the enemy on Operation Locker is to get behind them and surprise them. Watch how quickly their defense crumbles when a single EOD Bot rushes in.
  11. I finally got to try out the SRR by picking up a friend's kit. I unfortunately did not get the video of my 959 head shot due to the PS4 not saving the correct video, but this shot is also quite good.
  12. Commander Mode is a completely different game compared to playing as a soldier. Its a full strategy game all by itself. Here is a clip of me launching a Cruise Missile.
  13. I unlocked the SRAW and wanted to see how effective it is along with my SKS. Turns out its a good combo.
  14. While playing Conquest Large on Zavod 311 I saw a couple opportunities to use my UCAV Airburst strategically. The enemies kept camping on a roof with snipers and helicopters. My UCAV put a stop to that very quickly. The second one killed 4 players, a helicopter and who knows what else. The points added up so quickly that the game hesitated for a moment, skipped showing what actually happened and gave me over 1000 points.
  15. I spawned into an Attack Helicopter as a gunner to see how good the damage is now since the last patch. I was completely surprised that my teammate turned out to be an ace pilot. This guy has given me some good insight on how to effectively use the attack helicopter. Watch this video to see me get an Attack Helicopter Ribbon as the gunner. Now I need to work on my flying skills in the test area so I can attempt to get my speed and turns as good as this pilot.
  16. The first seat is a powerful 105mm M102 howitzer cannon. Great for taking out vehicles.
  17. The second seat is a medium strength 40mm L/60 Bofors cannon. It is decent for taking out vehicles and infantry, but it requires more direct hits for lethal damage.
  18. The third seat is a 25mm GAU-12/U Equalizer gatling cannon. It is great for taking out infantry and light armor vehicles. Helicopters don't stand a chance in this game.
  19. I'm getting better with the SUAV. In this video I successfully killed an enemy with the wing of the drone. But because of the SUAV patch, the drone quickly exploded instead of continuing a road kill streak.
  20. This is an older video for me. Its the second time I got in a jet. I was trying to trigger the levolution, but when I saw an attack boat I took the shot. Thats when I realized that attack jets are extremely effective at destroying boats.
  21. I was sniping some enemies when I noticed a jeep was heading right towards me.
  22. Once a jet gets to single digit hit points, the ejection seat should malfunction. I've been denied so many kills because of last minute ejections.
  23. I like sniping on Golmud Railway. This particular rock I'm on gives me a good view of a few flags and the spawn location of the enemy team. I normally shoot at the flags, but when no targets were available and I saw an enemy heading back into their spawn location for a jeep, I took a shot. Turns out he was putting C4 on a jeep. My bullet destroyed the C4, which in turn killed him.
  24. C4 can be thrown a small distance without having to be right on top of the enemy.
  25. The XM25 Airburst is an amazingly effective weapon.
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