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  1. falling-angel-111 liked a post in a topic by Mathias in I Got Arrested Again!   
    The best gifts in life are FREE! If your parents are normal, decent folks, then they don't care about gifts. As Spongebob Squarepants learned: "All that glitters is not gold." Its amazing that some of the silliest cartoons still follows the basic morality plays. But I digress.
    The best gifts you can give are the simple requests that they make.
    1. Do as you are told.
    Basically, if they ask you to do something, do it. Not in fifteen minutes, NOW. Put your heart into it as if it means something to you.
    If your parent ask you to put their magazines away when you're done with them, that means no pizza stains, rips or tears, and put back nice and neat in the correct order. Would you like your parents to leave your manga in the same condition, that's assuming they even took it out of the wrapping.
    2. Do your chores.
    It's not because they want you to do it, it's because YOU need to do it. Not just for learning responsibility, but to take the stress off your parents. After a hard days work at school, work, and homework, you're pretty beat.
    Do you think it's any easier on them? Hell no! Look at all the crap they do for YOU. Do you even come close? Probably not, so close the trap, put away the snide remarks when they remind you about a chore and just get it done. Everyone will be the happier, and you'll have a better relationship with them as well.
    3. Say please and thank you.
    It's simple and easy. Make them happy by reminding them that you have manners. By God, is this perfect child ours? Where's my camera? Parents LOVE to brag about their kids. You don't have to have straight A's, or be the star quarterback. Say please and thank you, especially in front of their friends and strangers, and as their compliments about how well behaved you are soars in, the happier they are with you.
    Don't fight with your siblings. Do what you need to make them happy and healthy. Lead by example by doing all of the above. They may ask if your sick or something. You just tell them: "I love you Mom and Dad," and give them a hug and kiss before going to bed at bedtime.
    It may sound lame and uncool at your age, but it's what your parents probably would like most. After all, you asked what THEY would want and YOU could do for them. If you do all of this and they haven't died from shock, then you could be their Glittering Gold.
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    your 14 or 15 right? Why are you even thinking about sex lol? If your not sure about sex then chances are your not ready, give it a few years till you know you want it. It seems you hang around with guys that are older then you. It's to be expected that they want sex from you....its also Illegal since their 18 and your under 16 .
    You need shirts that have funny sayings on them like "Sorry Boys, no sex till im 18"
    "No I don't want to have sex with you"
    "I Wear a chastity belt but she doesn't ---->"
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    wow that was like the best I'd read in a while. it never got boring and nothing sounded out of place it was just perfect. awesome work.
  4. falling-angel-111 liked a post in a topic by Nattizo in Share a sig   
    Well I Dont Really Need A Sig Anymore And My Rep Is Going No Were. So For Now I Would Like To Think A Bad Rep Is A Good Rep And A Good Rep Is A Good Rep With Things That A Bad Rep Does Not Have.but Its Ok As Long As I Have People In The Ac That Like Me Am A Ok.
  5. Pchan liked a post in a topic by falling-angel-111 in Share a sig   
    heres a couple i just made the other day

    i can have some avatars made to go with i'll probably be posting more later