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  1. So am I the only one excited to see Shinji? Also, wtf happened? Wonder Weiss showed up freed everyone with that crazy ass hollow. Funniest thing ever, Kira telling wolf guy to go help, as if he can make a difference. He's the worst Captain IMO.
  2. I know right! Franky is really going to be SUPA!!! So it seems the strawhats won't be left in the dust by Luffy and Zoro! Seriously he one-hit/attack Blackbeard. What is he? Logia or Paramecia? I assume the latter since Luffy decked him good. I know! I feel bad for fire fist
  3. Wow sledge that's so true... I guess they wanted to wear the coal coat?
  4. Can't wait for this movie!
  5. He could Kill Gaara. I mean Gaara lost alot of his powers when he lost the tailed beast.
  6. The author probably forgot he had her declare her love. Since he planned on killing everyone and just decided to change his mind!
  7. Bon-chan!!! You're the greatest!!!
  8. LMAO!!!!! Why not act high and mighty while they are weakened! That would be hilarious, then Naruto will realize his life is epic fail and commit suicide!
  9. That's if they make it past the Captains. The Espada are falling kinda quick.
  10. Had they not escaped they would have all died IMO! Nothing was stopping him! Think he might be admiral level?
  11. Megallagan is a BEAST
  12. I think the Vasto Lorde's will appear after the Captains finish up with the Espada. Just when they think they won Aizen rolls out the big guns, which would end up fighting the Vaizard's. Once the Vaizard's win after losing like 1 or 2 of their members Soul Society will see them as valued allies and appoint, Shinji, Love, and Kensei their positions as captains seeing as how the other former captain Vaizard's died fighting the Vasto Lorde's. Just what I think might happen.
  13. And now it is continuing in a downward spiral...
  14. I was doing some thinking and the Primera must be in a class all his own? He is the only Espada that was so powerful he had to split into two sentient beings in order to seal his power instead of a lifeless blade,
  15. So it would take Haki to fight BB? Or a one hit KO?
  16. I think Neji could take Sasuke... Maybe Shino??
  17. Unless Soi Fong killed him!!! Eh the Primera is awesome. The first one in Bleach to be using guns wtf! I still think the Shinigami will own the Espada, and Aizen will have a few Vasto Lordes show up, right around the same time the Vaizard's get there
  18. I still doubt Shanks will show, isn't he supposedly fighting with another Emperor when Luffy just entered Impel Down? I also liked the whole candle wax and poison thing. It shows that other DF have innate abilities to counter each other. So that means BB has another fruit that could counter his don't you think?
  19. Yeah they were chosen by past Hokage's and their abilities, Danzo was chosen out of desperation really. Which is why he will fail
  20. LOL, I don't think so, he's missing an arm. No hand digns
  21. I watch it every now and again, I like that it's good fun and not a comedy! The action sequences are great, and his explainations are the main reasons I watch the show lol
  22. Kakashi would make the best Hokage currently IMO. I think Danzo will be Hokage for like 2 months (our time) then die, I don't think he can even defend himself in a fight? Seriously right now Konoha fails, so if he declared war on any respectable ninja village they would go down hard. A civil war between Danzo and Naruto would be awesome, and Danzo might gain more support of Sasuke a rogue ninja decides to attack him.
  23. So who would be shocked if he died? In my eyes that would be amazing! I liked Soi Fon and if she kills him with one shot she will be my favorite Bleach character!
  24. WTF! Why would they make a man who is crippled Kage? Seriously and the way they chose him to be Kage was complete and total bullshit. He basically said I want to be Kage! And they said sure.
  25. One shot kill hopefully!!! I think she tied that sash around the building because of a recoil effect.