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  1. Not only does that link not work but the very premise that McCain is ineligible to hold the presidency is utter crap. He was born in the American controlled Panama Canal Zone in a time when the US had full sovereignty of the area. It's the same as being born in a territory like Puerto Rico or Hawaii or Alaska before they became states.

  2. I'm not voting because I'm not a Republican or Democrat. But as for whoever gets into office I'd want them to be a strict Constitutionalist.

    That's okay, it just makes your opinion worthless and mine that much more valuable.

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  3. The PS3 dropped by $100 a couple weeks ago, but I don't know anyone that rushed out and bought it.

    I bought one the day after they lowered the price. I've mainly been using it as a Blu-Ray player though. All the good games on PS3 right now are also on 360 with Live support... :\

    It'll all be worth it when MGS4 comes out though

  4. I think it's probably just water, I mean it was raining at the funeral. Besides they've already announced that this is the final movie to be made in the Spider Man series, so it would be pointless to bring Venom back.

    No they haven't. Sony has committed to making at least three more.

  5. godamnit Vyper, get out of my head. You took the words right out of my mouth. I think the movie was quite good, but suffered from some pacing issues. It's not quite as good as Spider Man 2, but better than the original Spider Man

    The emo scenes were hilarious though. The entire audience couldn't control its laughter.

    poor poor venom, I expect some Carnage awesomeness in return for his death next movie