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  1. I think the Mosasaurus pretty much ruined the first Jurassic World the most. Besides helping Zara Young do her version of Little Red Riding Hood, The Mosasaurus was what ultimately killed the I-Rex.

    Beyond that having Owen Grady imply that Blue, Charlie, Delta, & Echo had sexual desires that needed to be met raised at least one question


    That question being what is Owen Grady doing with 4 Female Raptors?

  2. It looks neat but I'm confused as to why Batman says he's back in the Middle Ages.

    I always thought Middle Ages referred to a large point in time where authority preferred Might Makes Right over Intelligence. This isn't to say that Japan didn't have a Middle Age. Rather it is to say its confusing to see Batman go back in to protect what should be Middle Age Criminals from other Criminals.


    On the other hand Bruce Wayne is a Billionaire who secretly beats up poor people who have turned to the life of being henchmen.

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  3. 5 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    George, Ralph, & Lizzy had an origin story in the original game? I don't remember that at all. XD

    I was under the impression from what I've read that George, Ralph, & Lizzie were all originally human.

    But it seems like that origin changes from game to game.

    I guess human versions of the characters wouldn't show up in the movie due to nudity.

  4. I still own my PS3, Xbox 360, & Steam Machine. Games With Gold & PlayStation Plus still give out games for their last gen consoles. So I'm still going to spend $120 a year on console gaming.

    Someday I may or may not become an actual PC Gamer. Because I like my old hardware too much to upgrade as soon as possible.

    And I might still buy DLC as those don't turn into limited time offers like Micro Transactions.

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  5. I sold my PS4 today for $140 worth of Game Stop store credit.

    I'm no longer doing micro transactions, preordering console games, or buying consoles that connect to the internet.

    It just got up to a point where I wanted it all but couldn't afford it.

    If only

    1. Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch was a launch title
    2. Skyrim VR was a free add on to Skyrim Special Edition
    3. ESO kept its micro transactions to $90 max instead of becoming $150
    4. It were easy to save money for a Nintendo Switch
    5. It were easy to save money for PSVR
    6. I could've safely preordered other M Rated Switch games I wanted this month

    I wouldn't have felt the need to stop.

    But its just too much money.

    And so this escape from reality is no longer worth it.

    The last consoles I buy will probably be an N64 Classic & Game Cube Classic.

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  6. I saw this movie today & liked it.


    Which makes me feels bad because I'm gullible & never saw the original.


    The Plot Twist looking back at it in hindsight feels like they copied it from The Dark Knight Rises.


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  7. 1 hour ago, Sledgstone said:

    Congrats on your purchase! Did you preorder it from gamestop? Or was it just sitting on a shelf waiting for you?

    I didn't preorder from Gamestop because at the time I tried to preorder alongside Skyrim for the Switch they weren't getting Snes Classics.

    What honestly happened was

    1. I stayed up all night playing ESO
    2. Tried to get to sleep
    3. Remembered it was the 29th
    4. Looked on Amazon and found nothing but scalpers.
    5. Checked my e-mail for an Amazon notification that wasn't there.
    6. Saw this article while looking at my Gamespot e-mail.
    7. Left my apartment at about 8:24 AM thinking I was going to be late.
    8. Waited outside with 13 other people who were also there for there own Snes Classic.
    9. Found out Gamestop doesn't open until 10AM, There wasn't a midnight launch for Snes Classic and there were 24 available.

    I think the only Modern Controller complaint I forgot was it doesn't have an on button. Woe is I for I have to lean forward to use the power & reset buttons.

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  8. I can't believe I got my Snes Classic from Gamestop yesterday. Then again I can't believe I asked Amazon to notify me when Snes Classic would be available. And Amazon never notified me. Probably proving I missed out on the preorder if there was one. Then again that would contradict the fact Walmart had a preorder cancelation.

    Anyway I'm enjoying my Snes Classic. Followed by NO I shouldn't be enjoying this.


    The Controller

    • Nostalgia: Ah, a very easy to remember button interface.
    • Modern: Where am I going to rest my palms? There are no Triggers for me to happily pull! These buttons are backwards compared to my Xbox 360 controller! My right thumb is sore.

    Star Fox (2)

    • Nostalgia: Ah! My Steel Battalion before Steel Battalion!.... Well minus a Snes Arcade Controller.
    • Modern: Yes but Steel Battalion is better!
    • Nostalgia: Are you going to beat Steel Battalion?
    • Modern: No.... Are you going to beat Star Fox or Star Fox 2.
    • Nostalgia: Probably not and Star Fox 2 feels more complicated.

    The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past

    • Nostalgia: Wow! I found a bow in a treasure chest!
    • Modern: Yeah after fighting a bunch of soldiers who also have bows. In Skyrim I would've been able to loot their corpses for bows, armor, & other weapons. Then sell everything I don't want to a merchant.

    Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars

    • Nostalgia: I'm going grind in this area for a while.
    • Modern: Oh, you're going to grind in a children's game rather than Soul Farm in Dark Souls?


    I haven't gotten around to playing the other games yet. Either because they weren't from my childhood. Or because I dislike Side Scrollers.

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  9. One of the free games out this month is Hatoful Boyfriend.

    I think I did the obvious in renaming the character Nicola Tesla before realizing I was playing as a girl.

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  10. I think that Lock-Up by default is always a wrong answer on the grounds that most people have forgotten who Lock-Up is.

    The Riddler would be an interesting choice just for the sake of Riddles left a crime scenes.

    Two Face would probably be inconsistent with which prostitutes he'd kill due to coin flips.

    If not cartoonishly fat Penguin could probably fit the role perfectly.

    Andrea Beaumont would probably turn the whole thing into a variation of Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm.