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  1. It is rather brutal but no more gory then Spartacus, or even Supernatural But its context being more realistic and current about psycho killers inc cannibles the psycho killers are rather original in there crazyness and killing methods which to me makes each episode interesting It has good ratings and the network likes it, from tv news: The series was pulled by Salt Lake City, Utah's KSL-TV (Channel 5) as of April 29, 2013 after four episodes were aired, and will air in that market beginning with the May 4 episode during late night Saturdays after Saturday Night Live on KUCW, Salt Lake City's CW affiliate.[35] KSL-TV is owned by the commercial broadcasting arm of the LDS Church, and has refused several NBC series in the past due to violent or sexual content. Hannibal was pulled after Salt Lake Tribune television writer Scott D. Pierce criticized the station for refusing to carry NBC's sitcom The New Normal due to its sexual humor, while allowing the violence of Hannibal to air without any objections; the article led to viewer complaints to KSL over the series.
  2. Great show, It may not get renewed as people are offended by it, great casting, great story, not for the weak of heart
  3. It is a decent show, but a bit repetitive, poor mans supernatural
  4. Interesting show Catholics will hate it ;p Da Vinchi is awesome, science, mysticism and conspiracy anyone else watching it ?
  5. Liking the show. Next episode looks a bit predictable Nolans old buddy hitting on Nolans whore GF which will cause a relationship bust up between the two
  6. It is that and more there is a lot of politics between Rome and Florence, and the latest episode (5) he pulls the most insane thing ever in the history of crazy shit
  7. that would be so scary. I wonder would nasa mount a rescue, given the cost of a launch and such, could they even mount a rescue?
  8. Anyone play this I started recently and found it awesome Very competitive, free to play, you can buy other characters with real money or use points gained from matches, also every week they rotate 10 champs you can use for free, champs are priced based on how new they are, not how good they are, cheapest/oldest champions are generally very strong, and recommended for new players as there easy to pick up and more strait forward in what they do Each champ has pro's and con's. there strong against some and easily countered matches are 3v3 5v5, you can play against AI, (dont use intermediate, they are better then most real players) You level up as a player and at max (30) you can compete in leagues with ranked matches, 1-29 is a fun learning exp. im 22 at the moment, I have gotten good with champions but now am learning different play styles It is easy to pick up and the hardest part is finding a role / champ you feel natural in the game is nortorius for raging, but this is more at higher levels un ranked., if you say your new, or trying a new champion, most are friendly also your matched against ppl your own level, so dont expect to be steam rolled by a pro
  9. Windows 8 was designed for a tablet / touchscreen It looks like vomit I like windows 7,.
  10. $1.99 to change your Lightsaber hilt. 1.99 for blade colour, 3.79 for both EA
  11. I wonder how close they will follow it Comic wise, Ender is in training pretty much for all of enders game series The aliens are not in it really, At least not until the end, (which is very good) The humans are preparing for a war, I guess they might use VR to show aliens, 98% of all battles are 0 gravity team vs teams of the kids with guns, all tactics training. Also Harrison Fords char fizzles out pretty early, he recruits Ender but that is about it, I dont see then casting Harrison Ford for 10min scene time though I bet they change this a lot to make more space battles and skirmishes as opposed to zero g battles between children Also Enders game spans a few years, unless they age the kid actor, i bet they ramp up the pace from training to post training battles
  13. ye, would be pretty interesting if at the end of the movie, a kid sneezes on one of the aliens and wipes them out like war of the worlds ;p another solution in stead of punching them to death; throw a barrel of liquid nitrogen in the mouth would be lol GG ;p
  14. If this situation was real, I think they re going about it the wrong way, The invaders / monsters are organic. just experiment with a biological weapon that effects reptiles,. If they can build neurological interfaces and huge mechs, i am sure they could invent a reptile / alien only plague
  15. that was the season end? That was aweful finale,
  16. certainly entertaining, And in my opinion will be better then the movie the only problem is the cast, there not bad, just hard will take a few episodes to get over the change from the movie, after all , Woody is a strong personality to follow I hope they make this into a full series
  17. Even futureama's worst ep's are better then the cleveland show, and i would watch futureama over family guy / american dad any day,
  18. i think this is a fun show even now The problem is the network, They dont play it consistently, might be on one week not the next, Fans from then to now still like the show, Just seems the network didn't do their part well
  19. This show is awesome, based on the history of Spartacus, hope others are watching it, It has pretty bad viewers (under a million) but really well made The acting is decent, but the selling points is the grit and violence, Each season is very different, Season 1, Was the story of Spartacus the slave, becoming a gladiator, then the bringer of raid (too epic) Season 2: was a pre qual series, Story of Gannacis, the polar opposite of Spartacus, being a selfish drunk dick, who loves wine and whores, and is naturally death incarnate with swords, doesnt train, doesnt figth for honour, just exists (great character none the less) Season 3: Spartacus' rebellion starts with him and a band of men / freed slaves fighting for survival and evading romans, freeing slaves as they go Season 4: War!!! Sparacus has an army, but problems are arising, armys need food, shelter and disapline, can one man old his ideals with so much on his shoulders If you havnt watched it Please do there is crazy amounts of violence, sex and great story, so much back stabbing and plots, Some very interesting points made about sexuality, The romans dont distinguish between Strait / bi / homosexual, not holding back on any of it, how the romans treat the slaves is almost incomprehended. an awesome scene (very gory)
  20. This weeks episode in my opinion was one of the best, It could be considered a filler episode, but is had some nice character development I dont get how he became so cold towards the hitch-hiker, considering he begged Hershel to take them in, now he wont help anyone else. what happened to strength in numbers, couldnt help but feel really bad for the guy, Running into Morgan was interesting, I dont blame him for his insanity, but surely life joining rick must be better then what he has I thought his traps were pretty smart, the walkers basicly impaled them selves I dont know who Michone teleported in and out in 2 seconds, but She is a very likeable character, and the Carl was just as obnoxious as ever, the worlds filled with walkers and he wanted to walk off alone. looking forward to next weeks
  21. it does look good, I am assuming it is set before the avengers though as at the end of Thor he was stuck on Asguard
  22. I thought MiB also after this trailer Looking forward to it