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  1. There are some good vids floating all over youtube. If anyone has the time, you ought to go to the TAPS website; they have vids, photos, EVP's all sorts of stuff. IMO, they are one of the best Hunter groups out there.
  2. Here we go again...I really need to get around here more, there are peopleI really should re-establish contact with, since I do consider them friends, and not just aquaintences. I suppose having more time to do so would help, but considering how little time I have between work, Guards and that type of thing, it makes it annoyingly difficult. To those of the friends brigade(and you should know who you are, if you just don't realize it, THAT WILL BE SOON FIXED) I'll be PM you all when I have more that 15 minutes to myself with points of contact if you wish to use them. Until then, Carpe Diem or Odurent Dom Metuant, whichever applies to ya!
  3. What's worse is the Administration is using the pretext of logging and roads to remove the protection. The primary plan is actually to get the protection lifted so oil drilling can begin there, and the same plan is also underway for certian protected areas in the Pacific and Atlantic.
  4. Or rather, the translation to Japanese, to be more precise. I have a friend who's given me an odd new nickname^_^, and wants it in Japanese. Having no nearby friends on location to ask, here I go: Can any of the few speakers of the language who float about get me the translation of "Hunter in the Shadows"? I'd like it written as I would see it in a dictionary(ie: ten: heaven, get the idea), as well as in Kanji, if possible. No real rush, but I would appriceate it immensely!
  5. Awesome! Thanks guys!
  6. Before I get to the meat of the matter I have to This is my first personal post in the Computers section... Anyway, I know that several memebers keep ExHD's for one purpose or another, and I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best one to get. My purpose is strictly for the storage of DL'ed anime(now that we have links for sites, I want One Peice and Naruto ). What does everyone think?
  7. Nice... Has a good feel, tense fast pace. Maybe don't give the idea of the abductors being hackers, it might be more useful later... Just a thought. Skellie chapters are useful, whether they bite you or not; the outlining they give can be useful, I've found. Maran and the Chosen, hmm? I like the thought, especially if you go to the idea of her having traversed several of the Ephemeral Relms(with Ben's help, of course) that you had mentioned awhile back(her claw becoming a psychic extention, not just a physical weapon, due to her time in the Relms). Or just the fact of how much of a natural fighter she is anyway, her and Jade could get into some interesting conversations...
  8. Hey, got a bit of an odd issue, wondering if anyone has any ideas... I burned a number of eps from one of my favorite shows to DVD, but it refuses to play on my player. It's weird because I've played burned DVD's before, but even my 360 refuses to play this one... Any thoughts?
  9. I only use iTues if it is a song I don't want to buy a whole CD to get, otherwize I'm with you, GG. :/
  10. DX, good pick on movies! Got a bit more information you might find interesting in regards to it: The punch it gave to the pentagon (four sets of steel reenforced 32 inch thick walls) is a match to the prototype cavebuster missile(built to ram through up to 38 inches of solid stone; modified to 56 inches of penetration); the manuverability shown, its invisblity to radar and the precision of the blast(no external scorching to the ground and none to items within the blast zone) support the concept. I also want to point out the lack of debris at the towers...
  11. Well, it's a DVD+ firstly, and I honestly have no idea what the major difference is... As per the regional code, I was looking, but I can't turn it off on my drive. If I knew where else to look to do it, I'd look, but as far as I know, it's only in the drive properties area and it only gives me a list of regions I an change to, but not to turn the region off or to '0'. Ideas?
  12. Now there is a character I haven't heard about in ages! I hope it goes over well, I remember you saying the WillyCon judges can be harsh...Good luck.
  13. Something I'm tired of getting, that's for sure. I wouldn't mid if more of it was something useful or good, but the mainstay of it here as of late has been shit, shit, SHIT. The local college I am trying to get into is sitting on papers for my acceptance, and if they continue to sit, I won't be able to register for them in time. If that happens, I'll be looking at deploying in mid May. Hoorah. This is all also in the wake of learning my Uncle has inoperable cancer, and may be gone by the end of the week; I, of course, won't be able to be there for Mom or at the funeral, because I can't miss this Drill Weekend because we have several higher ups visiting, and I'm the only 35F to have the new training, and will be reperesenting my entire platoon. GOD would I kill for some good news...
  14. The major problem behind GM contamination is the fact of how hard it is to regulate, because it falls under several different groups to regulate, and each one thinks the other is going to do the job. If there was a single group set to control, moniter, and set more stringent regulations on genetic crops and their release into the markets it'd help.
  15. Thanks everyone! You have no IDEA how much I needed this! I'm so fucking tired of shit news...but at least all of those people who matter either told me in person, or in messages, happy Day. Thank you, one and all...
  16. Multi pointed thread for everyone... Firstly: I invested in an X Box 360, making me a very happy person...However, I'm looking for a good shooter besides DMC 4 and Halo. Suggestions? The second point of this thread is simply to say if there are any XB Live players looking to hook-up for a bit of gaming, PM me and we'll trade gamer tags!
  17. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on Gears, short game, overly simple controls, crap like that...What is the opinion of it you two have, Strider, Eppy? Saiel, Castlevania is great, I got that this morning from a friend (early b-day) and LOVE it. Definately one I'll recommend to friends!
  18. Lol. As one who was privy to Dana in her pre-writing form (and a sticky board for ideas) I have to tell you, Mathias, you really have no idea just what kind of person Dana is! Hacker, profiler, mental dominant...the list goes on! Definately need the next chapter, Marx!
  19. OHH! So late! Happy Birthday, GG! May your wishes have come true guy!
  20. Well, kinda... I'm sitting in Arizona, at the Shopette, paying for my internet, here at AIT. Tell y'all wht, though, it's nice to have any net access at all(even if it is $10 a day.)! I just wanted to let everyone know I'm okay, and I'll be on once in awhile to drop messages and chat! Take care everyone!
  21. *huggles Marx* Hey! You haven't called yet! Tell you guys's been hard trying to track down a net card. My comp hasn't liked the three I've tried yet, so I'm at the base library. Time around here is hard to come by, so I've not been on as much as I'd like to be. For those who are here in AZ, I'm on Ft. Huachuca, outside of Seirra Vista. Drop me PM's and tell me how close you are! Later to all!
  22. *is glomped* Ghaaa! *huggles* Sup Cabbit! I'm at my AIT, my military job short, I'm back for good, just not super often until I can buy a wireless card. DAMN IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK! Huggles and weekend passes to my base for all!
  23. Alright, I've been hearing a LOT about this lately from a friend of mine, and she is absolutely in love with it. She tells me about some of the episodes, but when I try to get her to talk about the anime itself(who's who, what/where/when/why, etc) she ends up on a tangent about the episodes again. Can some one PLEASE fill me in!
  24. This is one hellofa good book. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest that you do so. The reson for this post isn't to disscuss the book, however, it is to give you all some creepy information. For 30 years, my dad worked for BNSF Railroad. On of the more...curious trais, were the government regulated "X Shipments". The RR was not notified what was in the tankers, just that they were to get safely to the destination. My dad was assigned to ride with a train once, because the Yardmaster was out on other duties. The ride took them into the Arizona desert, and a seemingly dead end. Then, they were given a radio call instructing both him and the conductor to leave the train for some of the "instillations" men. They were provided with a trasport all the way back here, but what was so freaky about the whole affair, was when the bus was about to leave the area, a loud metallic grinding was heard, and when my dad looked back, several sections of track had arisin form below the sand... This was some time ago, but he wasn't the only person to make these sort of trips. And to the best of my knowledge, this still happens. Am I the only person that is kinda unnerved about this?