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  1. Cats shouldn't eat toads... most toads can be poisonous or have nasty secretions. The toads are good tho, like the bats, they eat a crap load of bugs. The only snakes we have around here are garden snakes and they're way to small to eat even a toad of that size. And I think the ground hogs are territorial to snakes too. *wonders about ground hog territory patterns*

  2. Yes you can. I know the size of your body. ;)

    lmao, I have to take another picture. chelle found out that there is an emergency release switch on the inside of the trunk with a picture of a stick man opening the trunk and running for his life. X'D

  3. I wish we could have gotten the 16 inch rim upgrade. But we had to take what was on the lot considering we had to get rid of the blazer asap. I hate hub caps, but at least 15 inch wheels are cheaper to replace. I just hope winter driving won't be a complete pain in the ass.