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  1. yep, puts even me to sleep. :meh:

    I spent about 150 playing FFX, and then 160 on playing FFX2. The latter was a total pain in the arse cause the second to last round I played I ended with 99% so I played again for the 1% so that I could get the extra clip of Tidus and Yuna at the end. As warned, it wasn't really worth it. *sigh* Sooo short and pointless, but I probably woulda gone insane had I not gone for it anyway.
    thats what happened to lady too! X'D

  2. lady beat grandia extreme.. i was dissapointed in this game. the voice acting was horrible and the plot sucked balls. if at the end of the game, the characters have to repeat the events of the game because even they are confused, then that game sucked. and thus grandia extreme. -_-;

  3. what game looked to be promising, but once played... turned out to be crap?

    for me.. unlimited saga. i thought it would be a great game, square and enix just merged and i had some high expectations! but then i played it... i thought i must have screwed something up in the options so i looked at the instruction manuel. i then played it again to see if i could get used to it. no. no i couldn't. that game costed me 23 of my dollars and 7 hours of my life. and what did i get in return for it? i measly resale value $2.50.

  4. did i mention i restarted FFX-2 twice from chapter three? lost 17 hours both times.. lmao

    did you know that FFX-2 has a new game+ option? :P you can carry over all your stuff to the new game, dress spheres and all. ;)

  5. I have damn near 100 hours logged into Legend of Dragoon (hey I took my sweet time)

    you really need to put time into that game to accumulate all the attacks. *remembers the long hours myself*

  6. i remember playing some old kings quest games for ridiculous hours just to talk to every single person and click on every single item and combination of items and how many ways i could get myself killed... i was lonely. :\

    didja know Yunalesca was Yu Yevons daughter O_O