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  1. the inuyasha and sesshomaru action is amazing. and the animation quality of this movie is top notch. i think we'll watch it again sometime this week and i'll write my review. :D

    Don't give it all away! Some of us still have to watch it lol. I'm getting it sometime next month. *Huggles her grandpa for the rockin present*:happy:
    i don't mean to post any spoilers and i don't feel i really have, seeing as how what i said a few posts up happens within the first five minutes of the movie. ^___^ consider it a teaser. :P

  2. i liked the first episode, and the series looks very promising. the animation quality is good from what i can tell and the voices aren't annoying either, although the younger brother doesn't sound anything like a teenager, but i'm assuming thats because his body is a suit of armor hes not going to grow up. O_O; i need to watch some more episodes to understand the whole alchemy thing, i'm a little confused on that right now. but its all good. ^_^

  3. that is usually used to act as time were waiting for something at that point right?

    waiting for them to put the thunder arrow on the huge dragon crosell. we just got on disc 2 btw. ^_~

  4. i was just stuck for 20 minutes on star ocean trying to figure out how to activate the next scene.. i looked it up in a faq and it turns out i have to search all over the town for my party members and talk to each one of them to get the next scene started.. it doesn't make much sense that i'd have to do that as they usually don't have anything of value to say. O_O

  5. i used this sig last year too, its still one of the best ones i've made.. of course lady helped me with it too. ^__^

    Okay Sledge...Not cool man. But I did figure out how it works, because I was checking to see if anyone had replied to stuff without being on, and saw that it changed to "Unregistered". That is one hell of a cool sig.

    thanks! :D

  6. Okay Sledge, that's just cool man...You used me in your IT sig...It's just...

    That movie scared the hell out of me. I first saw it when I was five, so I have a stupid fear of that damn clown. And of Tim Curry.

    And when it comes to Tim Curry, he always manages to slip in that damn evil Pennywise laugh in every movie he's in...Very cool sig all around, though Sledge.

    nd thaks for the publicity!!!

    i didn't put your name in my sig.. pennywise must have sensed your fear and put it there itself. :o

  7. lmao, that episode was hilarious! it had nothing to do with the glorf. coop was attempting to return a video to rental place and was confronted by the intergalactic wrestling/mech fighting guy (tater tot head guy voice acted by bruce campbell). i was laughing like crazy last night, the head guy got in his mech suit (looked like ash from army of darkness, chainsaw hand and shotgun in the other) and started fighting coop! he said "give me some sugar baby" X'D

  8. i think that inuyasha and kagome ar a good couple i think kikyo should give her soul back to kagome cause she is a dead hor.then again inuyasha,kagome,and kikyo would be hot. miroku and songo ar cute. also koga and kagome ar a good couple. but shessomaru and kagome would be hot but shessomaru hates humans. the hottest couple is me and kagome. ya baby she is so hot. and for the record inuyasha loves kagome and kikyo i scence a 3 way in the future. kagome songo and kikyo would give some good lesbo action.
    with those kind of sexual commentaries, i don't think the ladys of this forum are going to appreciate your posts much. maybe you could be a little more subtle. :P

  9. The Stand was a great book! and all the characters were great, except for Fran, damn she pissed me off.

    but could the government have something like captain tripps? sure. and the scary thing is they transport this stuff right out in the open, trains, semi's at night (i've seen a few, and i've noticed every single weigh station along the freeway were remarkabley closed during the time i was driving near it).