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  1. *merges into existing berserk topic* :P

    we've seen all the eps and have all the manga (except for a few volumes) i wish they would release more eps but it doesn't look like they'll ever make another season. :|

    btw, the manga really explains what the hell is really happening at the end of the series.

  2. i would love to see another season of berserk made. as good as the manga has sold i don't see why they wouldn't produce more. and after reading some of the manga the ending of the series doesn't look so apocalyptic as it was made out to be. pretty f*ckin harsh and demented but the manga is damn good in showing what happened outside that demonic space and all the stuff that happens after it.

  3. i thought this series was good. but i was a bit dissapointed with the last major battle. i expected to see some good swordplay but instead we kinda got gipped with a couple super moves:

    they turned into flying suzaku flame birds and flew around into each other.

    :\ not the dramatic battle i was hoping for. and to top it off, kyo didn't even do the other moves his master taught him. and then.. the actual last battle between mibu and kyo.. they didn't even show it! :-x still, at least its not an eva ending or some bs. :-p

    overall i liked everything, i think i'll look into the manga if i come across it. ^_^

  4. amazing. this is a great anime and the manga is damn good too. the ending of the series tho.. damn! O_O i wasn't prepared for that. as soon as we finished watching it we jumped on the manga and read that demon part. and holy crap, the manga was even more violent and graphic.

    and i have a question for everyone who has read the manga:

    who is the skeleton looking warrior that fought zodd outside the inverted tornado/demon space and saved guts and caska?

    so who liked this series? and what are your thoughts on it?

  5. megas is a great parody of everything! i laugh like crazy every saturday night! X'D

    Megas XLR sucks. The mech looks totaly crappy. I mean, god, wtf is up with the crappy car on it's head? And those semies fpr legs is ridiculas. A three year old could have desinged a better giant robot. Then again, I think a three year old did desing it. The only upside to the entire series is that chick from the future is hot.

    Cowboy Beebop sucks. I never seen it but it sucks. End of story. :P

    I also don't like the way Eva ended. It sucked.


  6. Akito is not a member of the zodiac. He is cursed with the power of all the animals. And Hatori is not a seahorse it is a seaDRAGON. As far as the animals they did not show in the anime the horse is a female and has a large crush on Hatsuharu, and the Rooster is another guy don't know much about him. I do know that the horse as whip marks on her back from Akito though. They are very sever. Akito has problems with females, can you tell?

    For which episode watch like the last couple of episodes I believe they tell you there.

    you just enlightened me. ^_^ i didn't know any of that.. i need to rewatch the series to see if i can catch anything else i might have overlooked. ^_^

  7. inuyasha_354.jpg

    *kagome talking really really fast*

    we escaped into the mountains and were attacked a crazy horde of these flying things and these weirdos tried to kill all of us but then i was saved by kouga but then he said he wanted to marry me and then he tried to look up my skirt, kill him! kill him now!