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Celebrity Apprentice

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Congrats Joan Rivers! I was rooting for you all along! :clap:

I loved the very end when Trump looked at Annie and made her think she was going to win. LMAO! She didn't see that one coming! X'D


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I just love Joan Rivers

I'm so old I can remember her subbing for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show

I think her charity is fantastic. Its comfort and hope and help for the dieing. I was moved when she called her charity and they all came down to help. I think her event was more fun. Also an excellent job w/ the branding. Only thing she forgot was frames displaying her charity. She also blew Annie the fuck away in the closing arguments video. She touched hearts with that piece. Even if she hadn't won the contest her charity still won. Its small and grass roots but now ppl know about it and can kick some cash that way.

And when I'm 75 years old I'll say whatever I bloody well please too. :goodjob:


                                               Look at the flowers

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