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Dean Kamen unveils Slingshot, the ultimate water regenerator

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Part of saving our environment relies heavily on figuring out new ways to process our natural resources in a self-sustaining, cost effective way. Dean Kamen, the man who brought us the Segway, has just such a solution in the form of a water purification device called the Slingshot. Kamen claims the Slingshot can take nearly any source of moisture--including ocean water, urine or sewage--and quickly turn it into safe drinking water. The Slingshot process operates by means of vapor compression distillation, requires no filters, and can operate using the most efficient fuel known to man: cow dung. In addition to producing drinkable water, the Slingshot also generates enough electricity to light 70 energy-efficient light bulbs.

In order to push adoption of the potentially Earth-changing gadget, Kamen hopes to seed thousands of the units with local village entrepreneurs, in much the same way independent cell phone businesses have thrived and gradually changed the face of many impoverished areas around the globe. Although not ready for pick-up at your local Wal Mart, Kamen’s future target price for the device is in the $1,000 to $2,000 range (a rather attractive price when you consider what we pay for laptops and cell phones). You can see Kamen showing off his new invention by vaporizing Stephen Colbert’s toxic potato chips here.

Wow. You can piss in the thing, throw shit in it to power it, never change a filter and drink right from its tap. These things could help a crapload of people around the world.


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But what about the aftertaste? :haha:

Off Topic:

We'll all be hiring s*** boys to refuel our converters. I don't want to be smelling that.

"Excuse me sir, where would you like this s***?"

"Out back. Can you check out the container, I think I've got a leak? Neighbors are starting to complain."

"It's a s***ty job, but someone's got to do it. By the way sir, we're offering a new upgrade that will tie the unit in with the sewage line."

"No thanks, I here it costs a s***load. Anything else."

"The low end upgrade allows you to supply human s*** now."

"You mean you weren't able to before?"


"S***, I think I know what my problem is."

Sorry guys. That was too much fun and WAY off topic. The invention does sound great, but I think you get my point on fuel delivery.

Understand this lad, fate is a fickle lady. Work with the hand you're dealt and you may just be able to run your flag up the pole. Don't, and well, you may just find your mast cut down.

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they should add a toilet seat to the top of it, so when your doing your business, your also doiing your part for the environment


Bruce Campbell: '' This place has more security then the Batcave ''

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