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The first part of this movie was pretty good the gravity device Violet had was bad ass.. but the movie seemed to lose all momentum a little over halfway thru the movie. The plot didn't really impress me and there was no variety in weaponry.. it was like watching the exact same fight over and over again. I dunno, I wasn't that impressed with the overall movie. :\


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I have to agree.

I was hooked in the beginning with the plot, but the fight scenes were almost all the same through the whole thing. Basically, If you watch the end fight, then you have seen the whole movie. I was rather disapointed that the movie could come up with some crazy gene technology, but failed to come up with some more high tech weapons to arm Ultraviolet with. I've seen kid's movies with cooler weapons...


"Well, Toutousai...don't you think it's a pity for Tessaiga? All Inuyasha can do is wave about a sword with all his strength...it's the same whether it's a famous sword or a log."


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