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Since the Handsome Collection is free this month I picked it up. I originally wasn't going to play through BL2 again, but now that there is new DLC to bridge the story gap into 3, I've ventured into it.

I must say, some things have not aged well. wonky terrain with invisible hitboxes are REEEEALLLLY bad. Getting snagged on a structure or rock for no reason is super annoying, especially when you're walking backwards and shooting. They clearly made up for this with how much damage you can take though. The game is rarely punishing if you have to good shield. Trying to shoot through a fence or even a busted structure with gaping holes sometimes is blocked by an invisible wall as well. The driving controls are complete shit too XD It actually wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't shooting involved. The camera being the same as the steering is so UGH.

That being said, I'm still enjoying it. Its been so long since I've played it, the memories I had long forgotten coming back is enjoyable. The humor is great. I ended the night with Tiny Tina's tea party, and it was even better in 4K. XD The upgraded textures aren't that big of a difference unless you have a big TV I suspect. It mostly just smooths out the pixelation and tearing that occurs on newer TVs. I didn't know you had to download it separately, so when I booted up the game for the first time I was like "Holy cow, this looks so stretched". Being cel shaded, every black outline looked like a zoomed in pencil line on MS Paint. Anyways Kudo's to gearbox for just dropping brand new content for free (until next month). I look forward to getting there eventually.


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