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I agree with Jim about EA Access. I wouldn't trust it at all. And it wouldn't surprise me if all the major companies started a subscription service if it works out for EA. Seeing as Netflix has succeeded, we've seen all sorts of subscription services spring up.. Hulu, Funimation, HBO GO, etc. Square Enix and Blizzard are least keeping their subscription services to their MMOs, but if they did another subscription each for their other games, I doubt they'd have the amount of content needed to keep those subscriptions going. I think my total gaming costs in a year are around $150, I only buy a few major AAA games a year and some indies via humble bundles. If Activision, Ubisoft, etc. all started subscriptions I wouldn't be interested at all. I already have so many games from PS+ that I've never even touched yet. Maybe all the subscriptions are trying to be like Steam.. we'll get all these great games at a great deal, but never have the time to play all of them. Its like that one article I read about that said the majority of Steam users now spend more time collecting and buying games than actually playing them. If this is the new standard then every game will become a freemium style one via subscriptions. This is a future of gaming that I'm not looking forward to.



Also.. that Destiny Music Video was amazing. ^_^


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I feel good that outside of PS Plus, Games With Gold, & Humble Bundle that I'm only addicted to Saints Row & Elder Scrolls. So the odds of me having to worry about more subscription fees may or may not be very slime.

No Title II Net Neutrality, No Future.

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