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Original of classic anime: focus today ah my goddess

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:blackhole:I NEED HELP locating original!! what title specifically do I look for????:noway:*stressing out over this*:touched:

:huh:okay I'm going crazy...I really do want to collect ah my goddess....the original boxset...

like the old version...not the new one...

There are so many different boxsets and versions how do I know which is the original one...

I like originals...I always hate when they redo anime....I like originals and my personal opinion is never mess with something thats already perfect....right? if it's not broken why fix it.......same reason for evangelion...the original is best...all this redo is driving me crazy!!!

All I know is that the original looks like this

Opening zur OVA von Ah! My Goddess

performed by: Goddess Family Club

Title: My Heart Idasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai

Oh! My Goddess! OVA - Congratulations!

I really hate this new ah my goddess opening's actually driving me crazy....the irish bag pipe is driving me crazy...the opening could have been made better...looking at what both ah my goddess and god of war based them off of I'd say they both made some awsome stories though....

220px-Nornsweaving.jpg220px-Die_Nornen_Urd%2C_Werdanda%2C_Skuld%2C_unter_der_Welteiche_Yggdrasil_by_Ludwig_Burger.jpg (^_^)V more info on them here


XD second best classic marmalade boy :nosebleed:

ps: whats up with this new version of DBZ opening kai....!!! i really hate it the original american version is better and the japanese one too!!:woohehe:

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For official dvds I usually buy from:

For HK sets of series that I can't always get my hands on or are way way overpriced I buy from (they also have official dvds and other products too):

and then there is always amazon:

btw this is the only version of the ah my goddess opening I've ever seen..



Its for the series and I don't think I've seen the ova..


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Great series ...

I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

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There's actually multiple series, specials, and OVAs that all link together to make up the original story. The original OVA (aka. the first Ah! my goddess anime) is original content and is not in the manga. It's the same beginning part but the rest is made up. It's also often called "Oh! My Goddess".

Here's what I'd consider the starting point of the "series" since it's the one that follows the manga and the one they keep making ova continuations for.

Season 1:!_My_Goddess

Season 2:!_My_Goddess:_Sorezore_no_Tsubasa

The sequel to that is:!_My_Goddess:_Sorezore_no_Tsubasa_Specials

and sequel to that is:!_My_Goddess:_Tatakau_Tsubasa


The original OVA with original content (Oh! My Goddess):!_My_Goddess_%28OVA%29

the sequel to that is the movie:!_My_Goddess:_The_Movie


All hail piggy, king of bacon ^)^

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