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  1. Okay here is the reason for this. I'm in the Military and I'm and Infantry man, so my job constist of getting shot at and shooting back. Now that yo know the basis of my job let me tell you what has happened to me in the past couple of months that I've been in Afghanistan. so far have had an IED explode only a few meters away from me, 107 rockets shot at me and RPG's also. I would have to say that the scariest day I had was when we had some Taliban shoot small arms fire at us that's when I realized that man my job sucks at times but, for the most part I allmost like it. But, just to let you know that I do this for the betterment of the Afghan people they really need it. so this is my little rant and I thank you for takeing the time to read it.
  2. Type 1 is the best and only way to play magic.
  3. Quick kill decks are all that plp play at tournaments and fast combo decks also i have a couople decks that win like turn 4 but, still plp hate that youo win that quick...but hey its okay. I dont surf the net for combo's either.
  4. I am what you would call a hardcore player. I play everyday for hours on end just to get better and to find new was to trounce my opponet. My question to you is that is their anyone else that plays on a tournament level on this site, or am I the olny one. Granted This has to be one of the best games ever concived. its so open and their are thousands an thousands of ways to win, "Its just silly" (qote from and acctuall player that I know). Me Trouncing the opposition :battle:
  5. For me It would have to be Zecs for gundam wing he was a great tactition and a very skilled piolet he allways kept the Gundam piolets on their toes
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