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  1. ZaoZao

    suprise ^-^

    You can have seconds.
  2. ZaoZao

    suprise ^-^

    You just wait, it will happen one day. I'm gonna post it here too. Just try and keep your legs closed, I don't wanna have to edit anything out, it'd ruin the picture. X'D
  3. ZaoZao

    suprise ^-^

    One of these days, I'm gonna do that to you, Cabbit.
  4. ZaoZao

    the 90's

    The 90's were the freakin' best.. 80's was better for music though. I still remember when they were releasing the new power ranger.. My friend and I were young at the time, we thought it was going to be the rainbow ranger.. That would have been hilarious at the time if we'd have known that the rainbow was tied to gay pride. I don't think I even knew what gay was back then.
  5. ZaoZao

    MMOs to come

    Strider, AoC is a lot more state of the art and different.. It really does look like it's going to live up to its name.. I was thinking about Warhammer until I saw it, Warhammer just doesn't offer enough of a "new" touch. I'm looking forward to AoC breaking MMORPG tradition with the controls and gameplay. If I were you, I'd at least give AoC a free trial run when it comes around. Get a buddy key from a friend.
  6. ZaoZao

    MMOs to come

    Also waiting on this. I plan to do a lot of roleplaying in this game (Conan)! I hope it's good considering I am buying a 2000 dollar computer just to play it. >_>
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