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Gackt DEARS fan club

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I wasn't sure to where i should post this but since this fell under a music category i thought this might be the best place to begin.

:D alrighty here it goes..

Gackt has an official fan club but i heared they are not with Kissmark anymore but

i have no clue how old this silly thing was posted but here's a clip of it:

Gackt official fan club "dears"

shibuya-yubinkyoku Dome, Shibuya-ku

Tokyo 150-8681


fee is 1,000 entrance fee and annual 4,000 fee

O_O:: sounds like alooooot so does anyone know how much this is exactly?

In order for us to send you an pplication form , write your name,address ,telephone number,and with an 80 yen stamp and return envelope, send it to the dears fan club address.the only forms we will be accepting is the one sent to you from our office.

You pay the fee to DEARS through the Japan postal office system ( where you register the money in the post office) Money orders are not accepted

-_-; it sucks you have to go to japan to mail the darn thing :( and i think you have to live in japan but no where does it say that.....

Gackt left the company he used to be with and he has established his new office and official fanclub dears. therefore kissmark has nothing to do with gackt anymore. so in order to become a member of dears it is necessary for you to renew your kissmark status

At this present time, if your were a member of kissmark and you would like to become a member of dears the expense fee is free for you until your kissmark expiration date, so please take this procedure as soon as possible.


the sticker on the envelope which you received from kissmark which says your name and id # and fc expiration

please nothe the original sticker and receipt is included and should not be copied

^_^; So yes, if anyone has any information or currently know how to become a member since i dont know how old this thing is

any help i will happy to have ......................please

:happy:thank you

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your best bet would probably to have make a friend in japan and get them to help you......

1,000 yen is roughly $10 and 4,000 is roughtly $40 USD

But can you save me? From the ranks of the freaks who could never love anyone...

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