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I feel nothing, I feel everything.

Emotion seems to come in waves.

For brief periods there seems to be nothing but numbness followed in short succession by overwhelming sensation that come and go just as quickly.

The waves wash over me and burn through me relentlessly with no relief between the drowning flood and the consuming flame.

I can't help but wonder why, no matter how hard I cry for help, that no one will offer a hand to save me.

Left with no other choice I press onward through the waves ever stronger and increasingly faster.

The harder I push the more I begin to finally feel a sense of constance.

The unrelenting hell takes a greater toll with each increasing step.

At first it seems dauntless, even pointless to endure the anguish of such violent struggle.

After a while the further I push the easier it becomes to increase onward.

Escape before seemed insurmountable and now is just in sight.

The helping hand that I cried for so long ago reaches out to pull me to a place of rest and refuge.

In the quickest instant I find myself in a boat built for two.

My helping hand becomes a kindred soul.

I begin to feel an unwavering connection that gives me a new strength and a greater hope than I have ever known.

Riding atop the waves seems so different from the not so distant memory of being beaten by their onslaught.

True love is a worthy vessel built to stay afloat no matter what the sea of emotion throws its way.

I feel love, I feel alive

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