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Condemned 2: Bloodshot (PS3 or XBOX360)

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I just got this yesterday. I played the first 2 missions and got somewhat of a feel for the game. Here is my input so far...

This game has a feature where you can adjust the light (I stuck with 50%), right off the bat so in those really dark places you can kind of see if you don't want to use your flashlight all the time. Using your flashlight can give away your position and bring enemies to you in numbers. You do not get a weapon right away, instead you have to learn to street fight and pick up items around you. My favorite so far is the prosthetic arm. A few of the odd ball weapons: toliet seat, skull, deer antler ,foosball rod, gumball machine, molotov cocktail, and a taxidermy knife. All of which you pick up in various places.

Finding my way around was not easy, especially in the dark, so I cheated and got the game guide for all the maps and walk throughs. I usually do not have to use it, but there are tasks through out the game that will require you to hunt down things to destroy and some of them are tucked away.

If you played the 1st condemned (which I havn't) there are some things you will see that you reconize. (The game guide points out this fat lunch lady who was from the first game.)

The game kind of has a Resident Evil/Fear feel. Beware of creepies jumping out of places and unloading a massive amount of damage if you are not quick to get them off you. There are a few unlocks, including some online plays and a "condemned fight club".

I wansn't thrilled over the price ($ 59.99 at Gamestop, game guide: $19.99) though I had quite a few trade-ins that made it free for me.

Overall I love this game. You get addicted to the thrill of creeping around, and having shit jump out at you. This game keeps me guessing, with random objects moving, hinting a enemy near by, but faking you out (example: The wheel chair that rolls out in front of you in the Medical Supply store/Hospital and you see a shadow run from you.)



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