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Virtua Fighter

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Anyone else a fan of this fighting game series? I sorta prefer KOF, but VF is more fun sometimes. I like the fact that buttonmashing gets you nowhere. Currently I use Lei Fei and Shun Di a little bit, but recently I've been drawn toward Kage and Goh especially.

I just bought the 5th one with some of my credit from trading in my ps3 and all my accessories and I really like it. The graphics are amazing, although the US version only supports up to 720p- WTF?! The animation is really smooth, and some of the details are amazing. In Lei Fei's Foggy Shaolin Temple the fog actually moves and the atmosphere is amazing. In another one of my favorites the Great Wall of China one, there are workers working the back, and if you hit the ground especially hard the bricks will crack and break. The game really takes advantage of the PS3's hardware.

Now I need to by me a Virtua Stick so I can actually pull off the hard combos.

WOW! Long Post!


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