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Found 1 result

  1. This movie was horrible. Anyone else watch it? The plot was completely sporadic and there were now real scene transitions. They were in a submarine, then in the next scene they were on snowmobiles and had heavy coats on and some other guy was guiding them... when the f*ck did they meet that guy and where are they now? Then they were in Canada and then the US and then her doctor that told her to get to the US for better treatment shows up to test her finger? Ummm... if the doctor just traveled from her location to the US with no problem, why couldn't he have just taken her with him instead of hiring Vin Diesel's character to half assidly smuggle her into the US? And then there was talk of a virus possibly killing millions of people but that plot line was completely dropped and then "5 years later... or some shit..." what!? Don't watch this movie. Its the worst movie I have ever seen Vin Diesel in. Hell, it even ranks up there as one of the worst movies ever made.