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Found 21 results

  1. The gallery has been a bit underused over the past year and it might have to do with the fact that I never increased the gallery upload amounts since my initial testing of it. If thats not the case, then oh well, I increased the limits! AC Elite members can now upload 100 MB of images. The max file size of uploaded images are now 4 MB per image. If you have pictures over 4 MB, the server will deny the upload because I don't have any software in place to auto shrink down an image. Regular members can now upload 20 MB of images with a max file size of 2 MB per image. Feel free to upload images to whatever category you have access to as long as the image actually belongs in it. For example, you have a good walking dead image, post it in that gallery if you want to. You can also make your own albums and upload whatever images you want to share. You can have public, friends only or private galleries. But keep in mind, only upload appropriate images. No vulgar, offensive, etc. images. Also, private albums aren't necessarily private as administrators can access them. The gallery albums are very useful if you want to upload your own smilies or other images. Once you upload an image to your own galleries, you can click the "My Media" link anywhere on the site where you can make a comment and click to add any image you have previously uploaded to your posts.
  2. I placed an order for a new server. If you notice the site is shut down for a while, it is because of the server move. This could happen later tonight or tomorrow. I will update this topic once before the server move and again after it is done.
  3. There is a new "Recent Topics" list that shows the latest 5 posts (topics or replies) on the board index. This will auto-update itself every 30 seconds to indicate if new posts have been made.
  4. The new "Light" theme is up! As of this post, all the old themes have been removed and the "Perfect Dark" theme has been renamed to just plain "Dark" because I am done with the different variations I was testing out. The light theme has a few issues with it at the moment, but it will be getting an update in about a week. Enjoy!
  5. The new "Light" theme is up! As of this post, all the old themes have been removed and the "Perfect Dark" theme has been renamed to just plain "Dark" because I am done with the different variations I was testing out. The light theme has a few issues with it at the moment, but it will be getting an update in about a week. Enjoy! Click here to view the article
  6. Theres an upgrade to the current version of vb 3 that we are currently using. It has a couple bug fixes and a security fix that we'll probably upgrade to later today. Nothing at all like vb 4 and nobody will even see a difference. Its just all backend stuff to make what we have run a little more efficiently. Also, since we've decided to put vb4 work off for the foreseeable future, I'm going to try the vb4/vb3 compatible chat box upgrade so it'll finally work correctly like it was for vb4. I'll also fix my current youtube code and probably make a new hulu and dailymotion one as I don't think the media embedding mod we used is fixed, or will work correctly anytime soon.
  7. Sometime soon (either tonight or sometime in the next couple days) I'll be doing a couple minor upgrades to the forums. So don't be surprised if the forums go offline at some point while an upgrade takes place. I don't see how the upgrade could take longer than 5-10 minutes so if you see any pop-up password blocks or you see a message about the forum being upgraded, just check back in a little bit.
  8. After much consideration, we have decided to stick with vBulletin for our forum software. (AC Fest attendees found this out last weekend. ) We took advantage of the pre-sale discount a couple weeks ago. That way we could still re-sale the license if we decided to switch at a later date if we weren't impressed with what vB 4.0 looks like. Over the past week, vBulletin has a revealed it's CMS software and as of last night, the beta has become available to 4.0 license holders. Which means that we'll be installing a test board sometime this weekend and begin work on converting our themes in order of popularity as discussed in this topic: [ame=]New vBulletin layout to screw over our themes, need your feedback! - Ancient Clan Forums[/ame] Admins, and mods will have access to the beta. If any other members would like to help me test things out on the test board/site, please send me a pm.
  9. Argh. I figured I'd share this blurb with everyone because it will vastly impact the functionality of our forum. After carefully going over both invision power board and vbulletin, both are definitely two very different pieces of software. In terms of price, over a 3 year period both will cost us about the same, but with different functionality. The pros of ipb are the following: - Support there seems nicer to their community - They actively work on their software - They have more than one basic theme - Their pm system is drastically improved over vbulletin - They have an official gallery Cons of ipb: - Their gallery is not impressive - In comparison to vbulletin, their reputation system is non-existent - Their blogs cannot be categorized. - Their permission settings seem inferior to vb's. - Their mod community is noticeably smaller compared to vb's and seem to focus more on paid modifications. - If their import script doesn't work, I'd have to pay them $60 to get our stuff transferred. - Their facebook connect feature is very very basic and is only good for registering new facebook members. Pros of vb: - I know their coding, and I'm used to modifying it myself. - Alot of basic functionality that we are used to now is still there (ipb is missing quite a few basic things that would drive me mad.) - vB has almost all new developers, which I'm actually glad for because the software has been pretty stagnant for about a year now. - The initial cost of vb 4 is cheaper for me over switching to ipb. - vb will now include a CMS package. - Their mod community is pretty damn big. Cons of vb: - This whole bullshit, 'buy this product right now crap or be screwed.' - They have let basic feature requests go ignored for almost a year. (but they have new developers now.) - They are heavily modding their forums to look cheerful and pleasant when they pissed off alot of people. - Their album gallery functionality needs alot of work, (but it doesn't cost extra). - We have no idea when vb 5 will actually be released. If its an earlier than 2-3 years, I'll feel a bit ripped off. So wtf. Both of the forum packages seem like good pieces of software. But, we're pretty broke and I think we might end up having to go with vb after all, because its the cheaper of the two up front costs. Also, ipb's admin panel and functionality looks like a mess compared to what I'm used to with vb. Someone stab me.
  10. I haven't added/changed the ranks in years upon years. I've already made a few changes to the existing ranks and I'll be adding some new ranks probably this weekend.
  11. I installed the latest mgc chatbox on the forum. If you are see a constant "Loading" message, you must clear your browser cache to view the new updated chatbox. Let me know if you have any problems.
  12. vBulletin still hasn't released its newest 4.0 version yet, so we have another maintenance update to perform. This update should only take a few minutes once I start it, so don't expect much if any downtime.
  13. X Gunner Bookworm™ Updated Boris Collateral Damages II Collateral Damages Eon Gems Swap Intrusion Malibu 9 Megazord Firestorm Here are some more games to speed some free time on.
  14. I updated the server to the latest php today. I also enabled some different modules to get a better performance boost out of the server. If anyone comes across any error pages of any kind, please let me know. Other than that, the forums should load a bit faster now.
  15. So yeah, this will be more of a rant than an actual update but its relevant because its about the core software that runs our community. [ame=]vBulletin 4.0 Development Update - vBulletin Community Forum[/ame] vBulletin's initial plans were to release vb 4 in beta testing by the end of the second quarter of this year, which would have been the end of July. That hasn't happened. Everyone in the vb community has been wondering about the progress vb 4 has been taking and finally they have given us an update. 4-5 weeks for alpha testing. If we are lucky we'll get to upgrade AC to vb 4 beta 2 by the end of august or early september. Unfortunately, even then they may not release it in beta version to the community because they may try screwing us all by forcing us to pay for an upgrade for the first time. If vb would release more info on what their plans are and set some actual release dates or prices for their highly anticipated upgrades and add-on products they'd set alot of minds at ease. Unfortunately, they are only making people resent purchasing their product to begin with.
  16. Sanghai Mahjong Tiles Set Three Sanghai Mahjong Tiles Set Two Sanghai Mahjong Tiles Set One Sanghai Mahjong DukaTeers Bling Bling Blaster Sushi Dash Sushi Sushi Swap Sushi Samurai Sushi Go Round
  17. The next vBulletin update should be released in beta by the end of this month or the beginning of the next. That will be the upgrade that will include the new style layout which will screw over our current themes and some of our plugin mods/extra features. However, there should be quite a few new features that should compensate for whatever we may loose. And as far as I know, the arcade should work in vB 4.0. Shortly after vB 4.0 is released, vBulletin will release their custom cms which we will probably purchase and make Ancient Clan into an actual site again instead of just a forum. But we'll have to see what functionality that program has before we make more definative plans at this point. Just keep in mind that changes are coming to AC... soon. and I better be impressed with what vbulletin comes out with. *kicks vb*
  18. Gunmaster 2 Axegang Rampage Bazaar Mahjong Egyptian Tomb II Egyptian Tomb II Swap Mode Egyptian Tomb II Click Mode Dwarf on a Wharf Columns Animal Mahjong Solitaire Cafe mahjong
  19. An update to the forum software will take place either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Expect slight downtime. If you see a message block asking for a username/password, click cancel and try again in about 5-10 minutes. Also, 10 new arcade games will be added as well.
  20. - Update Completed - I will be performing a maintenance update to the forum and blog within the next hour. The site will be taken offline during this process. If you get a pop-up message asking for a password, just cancel it and check back about 10 minutes later.
  21. vBulletin, the blog, the chat box and the arcade have all been updated! The most noticeable difference is the chatbox, which has been completely overhauled. The chat box is now located in all threads and in the arcade. Enjoy. Our ads have been updated too. All guests will now see ads at the top of the forum, in the first post of a topic and at the bottom of the page. Currently members only have to see the ad at the bottom of the page, but I might be turning that one off as well. So for all guests viewing this post, remeber to register to disable most of the ads and to get your arcade scores saved. Also, at the top right of everyone's profiles in the mini stats block you'll see the chat box now keeps track of all your total chat count (like your post count and blog count) and there is now a link to your arcade scores too.